“Old but still grumpy” – Corriere.it

“Old but still grumpy” – Corriere.it
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Eurythmics, 67, is heard on Instagram and is proud of all his wrinkles

Selfie in it He proudly displays all his wrinkles To respond to a torrent of tweets expressing their love and gratitude. Annie Lennox has made herself heard on Instagram after posting on Twitter. To start the story, the user would usually post photos of forgotten celebrities asking his followers: “Without looking, do you know who he is?”. A little game made by Jason Stromer too Picture of the British star, great voice from Eurythmics. After the publication of her photo, a set of answers appeared that made the singer’s name enter the trends: one wrote, “It’s the goddess Annie Lennox.” “Who needs to look for him? Others wrote, ‘He’s barely changed in 40 years.’ ‘She’s the woman with one of the most amazing voices ever,'” she tweeted, catching the attention of Lennox herself, who rarely meddles on social media.

So the singer, 67, posted a picture of her on InstagramHe wears a camouflage shirt and is seen next to a plant: “Hello Jason Stromer! (Any relation to the late Joe?) You obviously created a trend on Twitter by asking about this person. Can you tell the difference between a camouflaged person and a plant? ha ha. Let’s launch another Twitter storm, what do you say? Old but still angry. Greetings and love.” An answer that once again sparked a wave of appreciation towards her, also because the singer never hesitated to show signs of aging, which is rare especially in social networks where all faces are smoothed and rejuvenated with a thousand filters.

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