The (very useful) trick for those with Android smartphones: now everyone does it

The (very useful) trick for those with Android smartphones: now everyone does it

Are you afraid to miss some notifications among different social apps? On Android smartphones, there is a very simple trick to find it.

Every day we are flooded with a sea of ​​messages, likes and other types of notifications, so much so that we often end up silencing certain apps. The problem is that among the many negligible warnings there are some that are best not to miss but this is the confusion. It’s easy to miss. Fortunately, at least for those who own an Android phone, there is a function that helps organize notifications. No need to download anything just go to settings.

Finding a missing message or alert will no longer be a problem. (

Here you will have to click on the “Notifications” item. At this point a menu will open where on scroll you will have to look for the option “Notification date(This is not the first, on some phones it is under the “Recommended and frequent actions”). By activating this function, all messages, likes or notifications from applications It will be saved automatically. Thus, it will remain in the registry even if the user deletes it.

This archive has been sorted Both by notification and application arrival time Reference (Instagram, Gmail, WhatsApp…). For example, by pressing the Google icon, you can see how many alerts have arrived and for how long. For those who do not find it better to specify that this function does not exist in older models, it is a must have Android 11.

You can download notification history

If there is no way to find your alert history, you can always install an app that does the same thing. To download it, you just need to have at least one Android 4.4 model and search the Play Store Notification History. Once the app is installed, you will need to give it permission to access the device’s notifications and finally look for the “Notification History History” menu.

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It’s hard to keep track of everything between groups, chats, and comments. (

Here will be the choice “advanced history” Which, like the default function, breaks down notifications by app, and groups them under the reference icon. As an additional service with “Notification history history” is possible Interact with notifications. Pressing an item in the list opens the link to the app, but not necessarily to the indicated content (such as news on a browser).

From history if you click on a message notification Telegram or WhatsApp You are taken back to the app but not able to reply directly. However, the advantage of using it is that the Android history only shows those related to the current date. This app, on the other hand, tracks Even the elderly.

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