February 1, 2023

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If you have it in your drawer… – Libero Quotidiano

It was one of the most famous and popular games of the 90’s: we’re talking about the Japanese game Tamagotchi, a virtual pet whose existence depends on the care of the owner. Those who still have one in their home drawer can make a fortune from it. Today, in fact, as I mentioned before dayThis item can be sold to More than 300 euros.

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However, Tamagotchi is not the only tool in the past with which to make a fortune. Suffice it to say that the IBM computer, a leader in personal computing that often appears in collectors’ collections, is currently worth $4600. Specifically, the IBM 5150 was launched in 1981 and sold at the time for $1,500. Ebuyer, one of the UK’s largest independent electronics retailers, tracks the international pricing picture.

Vinyl, The Beatles' 730,000-pound album: This is the treasure you may have hidden in the basement

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The instant camera is among the analyzed and transmitted Polaroid: Its market value today is close to me 150 thousand US dollars. Then there’s Nintendo’s Game boy, a video game console that looks a lot like a white brick. One of the rare versions, the Pokemon game boy which advances with the sp-charizard version, may also apply 15 thousand dollars. Finally, the furniture market is also doing very well: one of the most sought after pieces is the wooden rocking chair, which paid no less than $200.

Basil, the magical herb.  Not only good for pesto: the effect

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