The new Mercedes is a true miracle: impressive stuff, like Formula 1

The new Mercedes is a true miracle: impressive stuff, like Formula 1

Today we will tell you about a truly exceptional Mercedes car, which is similar to Formula 1 in many aspects. Let's find out in detail.

trade mark Mercedes He has made a very strong decision in recent weeks, Pointing out that the first goal is to focus on heat enginesWe put the electricity aside for a little while. The reason is related to the price inequality between the specifications, which is still considered far-fetched and does not prompt customers to bet on zero emissions.

Mercedes –

A very similar argument was made byAudi, albeit in a less extreme way. He said this, Today we will tell you about a truly impressive Mercedes thermal car, with unenviable offers of racing cars. Its specifications tell us about a true work of art, even if the price is certainly not suitable for everyone.

Mercedes, let's discover the new C 63S and it's scary

The Mercedes in question is the C 63S Performance, which has been improved in terms of engines and design. The growth process continues in terms of dimensions, as it reaches 4.83 meters in length, an increase of 13 cm compared to the one that arrived in 2008, which inaugurated the history of this model in its first generation. We find new air intakes, some of them also fake, placed at different points, in order to give a more powerful appearance to this little gem.

Mercedes-AMG C 63S on display (Mercedes) –

The cockpit is impressive, with a carbon steering wheel reminiscent of a race car. It almost feels like you are in an airplane cockpit, and all the materials used are aimed at saving weight, in order to optimize performance.

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The steering wheel grip is made of suede, and inside we find two useful knobs for selecting the driving mode and other settings. But so are other small, round-shaped displays, but the real step forward is in performance. In fact, we find ourselves behind the wheel of a real spaceship, which represents a decisive step forward compared to its previous versions.

Total power is 680 hp, but 204 of that comes from the electric part, with a torque of 1020 Nm, a plug-in hybrid system that provides pure driving feelings, even if the electric range is only 13 km. Mercedes thought of this solution so that the car would not be equipped with very heavy batteries that would affect the balance, and the minimum electric range could be very useful in more emergency situations.

The battery has a capacity of 6.1 kWh, and those who have driven it talk about their amazing satisfaction when they press the accelerator button. Of course, the prices are not suitable for everyone. Note that it starts from 125,322 euros, but we're talking about a top of the range that has nothing to do with a road car. If you have the opportunity, we are sure that you will not regret making such a purchase.

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