Casms about the postponement of the match against Salernitana

Casms about the postponement of the match against Salernitana

Casms towards sliding

The Casms meeting is still in progress but – according to Mattino’s report – the decision has essentially been taken: we are moving towards postponing the Napoli-Salernitana derby to Sunday. Very few doubts arose during the meeting of the Analysis Commission for the Safety of Sporting Events to be resolved with the Prefecture of Naples where a Commission for Public Order and Safety is also taking place with Prefect Claudio Palomba, Commissioner Alessandro Giuliano, Regional Commander of the Carabinieri Enrico Scandon and Chancellor Antonio D’Esso representing the Municipality of Naples.

Transport Summit today

In view of the possible explosion of the scudetto on Sunday 30 April, a meeting will take place today at the City Hall of Naples between the ANM and the unions to address the transport node and ensure the extension of the subway and funicular schedules and thus allow the Neapolitans to celebrate without having to resort to using the car to reach the downtown areas.

The USB states that it is «available for negotiation in order to promote non-stop public service on the occasion of the Naples Championship festivities. We will require – they explain in a note – that a number of operators be set up, at all stations, sufficient to safely handle the large footfall of users, but also an adequate economic incentive for workers who have decided voluntarily to join the action..

Tension increases between Napoli and Salerno

Casms waiting, there is no shortage of tensions between Napoli and Salerno. The Ultras and the mayor of Salerno, Vincenzo Napoli, do not want to postpone the match: “We will take formal steps – Napoli said – with the commissioner and the governor to ensure that the championship is not balanced. We understand the reasons for public order but they must be combined with aspects of tournament regularity. We need to make sure everything is carried in a balanced logic.”

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Today Casms decision

The National Sporting Observatory’s observatory ball to Casms, the Committee for the Analysis of the Safety of Sporting Events, which meets today. All this while you are in Naples, this morning, there will be another table in the province with the institutions and the forces of order to register the situation next weekend and continue to organize the official party on June 4th.

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