Radval: Microsoft doesn’t want to close the corners of Austin

Radval: Microsoft doesn’t want to close the corners of Austin

According to Matt Botti, Head of Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft She has no plans to close Arkan Austindevelopment studio Redfall. The Xbox CEO answered a question put to him by Stephen Totilo, a journalist at Axios, explaining that the developers are currently working on updates and new content for the game.

according to booty, Redfall was a missed opportunity, but not so much, that Microsoft wants to support the development team in order to improve the game, making it what the authors have in mind. One thinks of a strategy akin to Sea of ​​Thieves, which proved to be a hit on Rare, due to the massive success after launch. Microsoft also seems to have taken some responsibility for the launch issues, so much so that Booty said, “I feel responsible because we could have done more with Arkane.”

Booty’s words echo those of Phil Spencer on Arkane, who stated: “In the beginning we didn’t do a good job of engaging Arkane Austin and making him understand what it means to be part of Xbox and be first party, using a little bit” of our internal resources to help them pull off that adventure. Faster.”

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