Germany, the AfD is outperforming the Greens in opinion polls. No transfer, no increase in debt, no arms in Kiev: thus the far right was reborn

Germany, the AfD is outperforming the Greens in opinion polls.  No transfer, no increase in debt, no arms in Kiev: thus the far right was reborn

naturally transition environmentalFor the Germans, the beacon has returned to beingausterity. after a year of The war between Russia and Ukrainewith swell Rapid and weak economic development, nearly two-thirds of the population in Germany Ask the government to spend lessTo be thrifty again. It is the result of a survey commissioned by had won At the Institute Allensbachwhich bears witness to how recent events have distorted German public opinion, radically transforming it right. According to voting intentions, in fact, thealternative to Germany arrived in 16 percentsurpassing in polls i greens, stop at 15%. The override was already approved by the foundation on Sunday Forget it: in the survey conducted for BuildThe Alternative for Germany party reached 16%, while the second party in the government coalition fell to 14.5%. It is confirmation: far right Today there The third political force Germany.

How did we get to this point, just a year and a half after the elections that heralded the end of Merkel’s term by bringing Spd to Olaf Schulz together with greens (and liberals)? The economic situation, a reflection of the conflict that broke out before Vladimir put it in At the gates of Europe, they blew differences Within a fragile alliance, due to the existence of the Free Democratic Party. Hawk liberals Christian Lindnerwho after being selected to enter government had a Consensus crisisfor a few months now they have begun to play the role of the third wheel, bringing Germany to the brink government crisis. It was the speech of the Greens’ party bans‘, of unbridled environmentalism. Liberals stirred up controversy over controversial bans on AI Heating oil and gas, on closing nuclear power plants, on green investments that increase German public spending. And in Europe they ran it themselves, getting the green light for synthetic fuel (Electronic fuel) and fight for more strictness of the new rules of the Stability Pact.

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it worked. For Allensbach the FdP is Al 7.5%for Insa it ranks 9: In any case, both surveys testify to earnings one percentage point compared to a month ago. Instead, the government’s severe lawsuit punished the Social Democrats and the Greens: i Social democrats They are now sailing around 20%farther and farther from cdu Which is quite close 30 percent. record greens for Forget it worst last result 14 MonthsSpecifically, they see themselves as being overtaken by the AfD. Thus, the coalition in government lost the majority of support in the country. The far-right has grown exponentially – in September 2021 polls it had accumulated just over 10% – ridership, in the economic field, Same topics From the liberals (but strongly opposition). No more new taxes, no more public spending. Moreover, he never gave up the battle of his identity, the battle against immigrantsto which he added the full opposition toSend weapons to Ukraine. Alternative für Deutschland and Die Linke are the two parties it is openly allied with No to military aid: far left though It didn’t seem to helpConsidering that the polls do not give her more than 5% of the vote.

On the other hand, the far right had the opportunity to unite the fears of the Germans for war effects With them atavistic afraid toeconomic inflation. And throw these two issues against investments It is for the environment that the Greens continue to propose, calling for more flexibility in the budget and higher taxes. Arguments that tickle not only voters of the historic AfD, but also the German voter who lives far away modernity major cities. L’far right Preparing to face the year 2024, which includes three crucial electoral appointments: the elections in SaxonyAnd Thuringia And Brandenburg. I am Three lands affiliateeast, where the AfD has always received the vast majority of its votes. Opinion polls can give a shocking result in favor of a party that has so far remained outside the party Ocean From government alliances, in Berlin as in the states. But further growth in opinion polls could distort this red line of the time Angela Merkel He plotted for her, too cdu. But now he is at the helm of the conservatives Friedrich Merzthe man with the right direction.

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