The USA and the Myth of Liberty Stained: Between Arms, Abortion and War, Moving Away from Europe

The USA and the Myth of Liberty Stained: Between Arms, Abortion and War, Moving Away from Europe

In a few days it will be the Fourth of July, because‘Independence Day. Kind of a second national holiday for many Italians and for several decades now. Whole generations have grown up with the myth, culture, and freedoms of the United States. When Bruce Springsteen Ringtonesborn in the USA “ Many dream with their eyes closed and imagine a different life in a life without limits land of opportunity, Far from the gray monotony of a frustrated, tired old nation. For decades – paraphrasing Benedetto Croce We have eliminated from memory the many reasons why we cannot but call ourselves Americans. Of course, hate, love, tenderness and criticism, but in the end no political, economic or social discussion could ignore the American homeland. And after 9/11, that bond seemed ever more intimate and profoundly unbreakable; We took up arms for our brothers abroad and gave ourselves special laws.

But little by little, it changes The Supreme Court on the right to abortion It’s only the last warning bell for a gap that tends to become a distance. Clearly, there are three issues on the table: indiscriminate access to guns, and conservative politics that dominates deep in the belly. States, option of war. The third millennium, as we know, began in a tragic way for the United States and its allies. attack in twin towers It has aroused in the majority of the American population the conviction that they are under attack, and that they are at the center of a real war declared by a not marginal part of the world against that nation with the declared aim of its destruction. what followed fromAfghanistan, to meIraqFrom Libya In the Syria, It is there for all to see; We passed, at the end of the last century, from the bombing Belgrade for those out there Baghdad. A tragic transfer of the baton, in which the war was finally won at the rank of the first political choice, in the first response to the opponents.

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In a country at war, almost continuously, since December 1941 Yet, under cold wars or conflicts of high and medium intensity, it is imperative that we nurture and maintain a strong penchant for guns and violence in every stratum of the population. Like Sparta or Republic Rome, the Uses They are, above all, an extraordinary military force that needs thousands upon thousands of men to be employed in their armed forces; It has the urgency of a semi-fanatic patriotic spirit; You need to integrate discriminated ethnic minorities into elite units to give them the dignity of citizens, just like the Roman Empire. And what happens in Russia, With the war so hard to win due to so few soldiers available, it would only increase that option even more. It will be one of the most important military lessons of this war in Ukraine: to win you need men in camouflage who are also motivated, the surgical choice of smart weapons is a shattered myth of the failed attack on Kyiv.

This gigantic armed locomotive cannot give up the circulation of assault rifles and pistols, nor can it ignore the military education families give to their sons in all regions of deep America where patriotism and patriotism develop and nurture away from the soft mingling of patriotism. capitalseast And thethe West. To believe that the whole problem lies in the political power of NRA (National Rifle Association), in the adaptation of the gun lobby, in the controversial text of Second Amendment (“Since a well-organized militia is essential to the security of a free state, the right of citizens to bear and bear arms cannot be infringed”) means setting out our goal of omitting – little by little – a fine line of ideological ideas. The moral and political dispute between the United States and the Allied countries in Europe above all. An interruption we do not wish to deal with—so deeply rooted in the American myth in each one of us—for which we confront the miserable reading of those near-daily massacres with the comforting and disingenuous premise that they are episodes of madness and despair. out of control.

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But can we really imagine that democracy is incapable of confronting and silencing the lobby? In fact Uses They cannot divert from the goal of being a democracy in arms, from the need to nurture the myth of their military might, from the need to communicate with the population so willing to wear uniforms to defend the stars and the striped flags that flutter everywhere in that country. While Germany, France and Italy (and others) have discovered in recent weeks the fragility of their military defense system; While discussing the budget that will be allocated for rearmament in the coming years. While Europe is aware of the difficulty of motivating its own pacifist public opinion towards the possibility of conflict with Russia, in States One realizes the possibility of an unexpected victory, not against the old opponent of the Cold War, but over those who have envisioned the dream of a post-Atlantic Europe, equidistant, tolerant and dialogical.

protective umbrella Uses It has returned, also unexpectedly to Washington, to being indispensable to European democracies. After all, the idea of ​​the last American presidents, according to which the European allies should have made a greater contribution to the defense of NATO, was fully realized and thanks to put it in the . Meanwhile, the Supreme Court repeals the constitutional right to abortion and entrusts its fate to individuals Union countries. And the breaking line grows, the distance increases, the legend fades, covered (for the moment) by the roar of Russian cannons destroyingUkraine.

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