US Marines Training Ukrainian Army/Pentagon: ‘Return from Ukraine Immediately’

US Marines Training Ukrainian Army/Pentagon: ‘Return from Ukraine Immediately’

between Victims of the war in Ukraine name of Willie Joseph Cancel Jr., 22-year-old, former US Marine. The young man, from Kentucky, left on March 3 to fight a war in Ukraine that didn’t belong to him. A little over a month later, . was released Brittany’s wifethe mother of their seven-month-old baby, received the terrible phone call: “Your husband fought bravely, but unfortunately he did not succeed.”

As Il Fatto Quotidiano analyzes, Willie Joseph was the first American to die in Ukraine. The Marines worked as a private soldier for a contractor: he, like many other US Marines, left to train Ukrainian forces and coordinate assistance to civilians. While it wasn’t a war United State, Since before the outbreak, the United States has been involved in sending billions of dollars in arms and aid. Currently, two US citizens have been killed in Ukraine according to the New York Times, while two others are imprisoned and one is missing. The number of wounded is about twenty. Many of them are veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq and are from the press “mercenaries”, They went to fight a war that was not their war for profit.

The Pentagon reminds soldiers

The US Department of State He called the Marines to the base. to me pentagonalAmericans, whether civilians or soldiers, “They should not travel to Ukraine, and if they are already in the country, they should leave at the first safe opportunity to do so.”, they explain to Fatto Quotidiano. fighters USA in Ukraine However, it remains a serious problem for President Biden, also due to possible Russian retaliation. In an interview with NBC News, a spokesman for Russian President Putin said that the Geneva Convention protecting prisoners of war does not apply to “soldiers of wealth.” The death penalty could also be applied to them at the end of the ongoing investigation.

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The United States opposes this position and has called on Moscow to apply the Geneva Convention to “all” prisoners, including civilians. “We expect, as established and required by international law and the law of war, that those captured on the battlefield will be treated humanely and in accordance with the laws of war.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, Ned Priceat a press conference. Biden I quit 150 of its military trainers from the country before the start of the war. Nevertheless, the United States is actively involved: it has allocated $6.8 billion to aid and train Ukrainian forces in Poland and Germany, according to the New York Times.

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