Release Snake Island. Zelensky writes to Putin

Release Snake Island.  Zelensky writes to Putin

Ten people were killed in the bombing of an apartment building in Odessa by the Russian army. This was announced by the spokesman of the Odessa Military Administration Sergei Brachuk, adding that the missile was launched from a plane coming from the Black Sea, while President Zelensky, in his speech yesterday evening, praised the armed forces for refusing the enemy. On Snake Island. “Step by step – he said – we will take them out of our sea, land and sky.”

US President Joe Biden Together with the whole West again stands on the side of Ukraine, while Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov He talks about the return of the “Iron Curtain”. Indonesian president nominates for new mediator Widodowho allegedly conveyed a message from Zelensky to Putin.
Meanwhile, the Russians announced their retirement fromSnake Island “so as not to hinder the efforts of the United Nations” on wheat exports. Pro-Russian authorities reported that the first merchant ship left the port of Berdyansk with it 7000 tons of wheatAddressed to friendly countries“.

Ukraine and Moscow announce withdrawal from Snake Island

Biden: “Another 800 million in arms, Moscow will not win”
“We will send new weapons to Ukraine in the next few days, bringing the total,” he added 800 millionBiden announced at a press conference after the NATO summit in Madrid. “we We will support Kyiv for as long as it takes. Biden said that the Russians lost 15 years of developing their economy, there was the first default in 100 years, and they are having difficulty producing oil because they need American technology, and there is a similar situation in the military sector. I don’t know how it will end, but It will not end with the defeat of Ukraine“. about Ceiling price On oil, “we are working on the details,” the US president added

Lavrov: “The Iron Curtain Between the Return of the West and Russia”
After the NATO summit, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the “iron curtain” was beginning to re-emerge between Russia and the West. “NATO expects unconditional obedience from the world,” Lavrov said. China – which fell under the “strategic concept” – echoed it and strongly criticized the outcome of the summit. according to BeijingNATO is the “real systemic challenge to global peace and stability” because it “wages wars everywhere, kills innocent civilians” and now, in partnership with the four allies in the Indo-Pacific region, has expanded its tentacles, trying to export the Cold War mentality.

Widodo: “I delivered a letter from Zelensky to Putin”
Indonesian President Joko Widodo said he conveyed a message from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Interfax reports. “I conveyed President Zelensky’s message to President Putin and expressed my desire to establish contact between the two leaders,” Widodo said.

Stoltenberg: “It is a southern side hazard for all allies”
“This morning we discussed security issues in the Middle East, North Africa and the Sahel: the risks arising from this region affect all allies. We also reiterated that terrorism is one of the main threats to our security. Also for the first time we have approved an aid package for Mauritania and Tunisia.” This was stated by Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, at the conclusion of the Madrid Summit.

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NATO Summit, Stoltenberg: “Long-term support for Ukraine”

“We just finished Summit led to profound decisionsStoltenberg said.

The NATO Innovation Fund is officially established in Madrid. With a capital of 1 billion euros, it will be used to finance start-up SMEs and high-tech SMEs in the Alliance territory. “It is the first venture capital fund of its kind in the world,” said Minister Jens Stoltenberg. “We must maintain our technology drive now that China and Russia have challenged us in this key area,” he said. The fund is supported by 22 NATO countries, including Italy, which was represented at the signing ceremony by Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini.

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