Ukraine, after a year of war, diplomacy is missing: peace is in the hands of the US and China, but Biden and Xi consider asserting their presence

Ukraine, after a year of war, diplomacy is missing: peace is in the hands of the US and China, but Biden and Xi consider asserting their presence

the winds of war Blow up like never before, instead Diplomacy She didn’t just get bogged down in what many had begun to think A proxy warBut even behind. This is the trend recorded by those who watched the final weeks of the war. a dangerous trend Because it risks definitively violating the delicate balance between confrontation on the battlefield and dialogue at negotiating tables (or even just underground) that can prevent escalation of conflict this means World War III. So while Russian President Vladimir Putin He promises to use any means to ensure the Russian victory, Xi Jinping He sends his foreign minister to introduce his foreign minister Peace plan at the head of the executive branch He flies. The plan you already dislike from the start United State Because it will hand over to China, their main international competitor, a role Mediatoras well as represents the first step towards a A new multipolar world order.

The new maximum tension reached by the Russian president during his recent speech in Always. Putin’s heart was not a war “against me.” Ukrainian Nazis“Or” to liberate the Russian population in Donbass“,” In the struggle “l Russia’s survivalTranslated using the Union’s military doctrine: If the country’s existence is threatened, Use of atomic weapons This is permissible, even if Putin himself guaranteed that “we will not use it first.” What also shows is that interest The Kremlin They have certainly displaced themselves from the domestic enemy, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyto global, ie United Statethe child And, by extension, me European countries.

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A broader and more ambitious vision, which, in the eyes of Moscow’s leaders, should lead to a realignmentworld orderwith Washington that would lose its role dominant force In favor of a new multipolar equilibrium is expected to rise China, which is being dragged by Russia, and in the future, also by other developing countries of the world. A vision shared by Beijing also, which represents the main meeting point with the Union, is very compelling Xi Jinping to talk about “friendship without borders” During the famous meeting with Putin during the inauguration ceremony Winter Olympics Beijing.

This alliance between Russia and China provoked, intentionally but not militarily, the reaction of the United States of America, which is already engaged in Business clash With Beijing sharpening over the mandate Donald Trump which is now witnessing a new escalation. of the alleged exchange of accusations Chinese spy balloons intercepted over the skies of the United States and those that, according to Beijing, Washington would have sent over China, until the endless clash over Taiwan and the Tensions in the Indo-PacificThe battle is now in full swing. This is also evidenced by the selection Joe Biden to fly to Kyiv To meet Zelensky on the same day as the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yiarrived in Moscow to be presented in the Kremlin I 12 points for the peace plan. It was a move Washington considered a show of force in its support for Kiev.

The problem, if we look at it only from the point of view of the war in Ukraine, is that we are talking about two powers that, together with Russia, can decide the outcome of the conflict by sitting at a peace table. But, as mentioned, the positions are still very far away. there People’s Republic He sent his personal message to the West: “Some countries need to stop Feed the fireBut right now, the flames of war are blazing hotter than before, and the flames of diplomacy have been reduced to a flicker.

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