Home Cooling Tricks Without Environmental Impact: No Air Conditioning

Home Cooling Tricks Without Environmental Impact: No Air Conditioning

No air conditioner in the house? Afraid of expensive bills? Don’t panic, you don’t have to worry as you can quietly update your environment without having to buy one, affecting your bill and the planet. Just put these little and simple tricks into practice and you’ll notice the difference right away. Let’s learn the tricks for a sustainable home renovation.

Can Update your home Without energy consumption e Protect the planet and wallet.

Home Renovation Tricks: What Are They?


Here are a few tricks To be used immediately to solve a problem stifling heat:

Open the windows wide at night: Even if recent minimum temperatures have been tropical as the sun sets, the environment at night generally cools down. open windows When you go to bed do not be afraid. Your rooms will be refreshed and a lot more. To prevent insects of all kinds from entering the house, in addition to the night air, you can install mosquito nets.

Use the winds to your advantage: If your home is well exposed on all sides, you can benefit from it air currents. In the summer they are better than any conditioner, as well Free. But remember to use the door stop, it’s essential!


Wet the edges of the curtains: Immerse the edges of the curtains in a basin of cold water and leave the windows open. The night air will do the restyou should try.

Also open lockers and cupboards at nightNo one will say except the wheels and the others Home furniture With a pre-piling one large amount of heat Which is then scattered all over the house. At night, albeit intermittently, remember to open the doors in the bedroom, kitchen and living room.

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Replace traditional bulbs with LED bulbs: that is the last one Does not emit heat They will not contribute to warming the environment.

Create shaded areas around the house: Use not only plants, but curtains (preferably light-coloured), shutters and even blinds Sunlight does not penetrate during hot hours.


Do not enter the ovenA . Try to use the oven as little as possible household appliance Which sets fire to the kitchen and the entire apartment.

Finally you might consider a file investment to install thermal coat. This surgery will allow you to do so Insulation of the building in winter and summerBut it needs maintenance. Also watch out for the tops, who like to knock over the exterior cladding of buildings.

do the the right choice And the Avoid the air conditioner to cleaner environment it’s a Save on your bill.

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