The trick to hide chats

The trick to hide chats

in this time aggregate It is never enough, because it is always in danger due to our extensive use of smart phone. We’re not just talking about viruses and hacker attacks: just one Colleague The eye is too long, a Friend Curious, partner Very urgent and some of the information we should only know that we keep on our smartphones is no longer as confidential as we would like.

The typical case is the case of chatbut we can also mention E-mailappearance social And many other situations in which having an app on a smartphone can cause problems for us. The solution that most people choose is to hide or archive chats or use pseudonyms for contacts or others”Jump through hoops“To protect privacy. However, there is a trick Solves problems with root and saves us from prying eyes that point to our phone screen: Hide app.

What does hide apps mean?

when we talk aboutHide apps“We are specifically referring to applications, and not their content. That is, we are not talking about hiding a conversation on WhatsApp, but about Hide the app completely from WhatsApp.

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This way we will be able to install the application on the smartphone, but no one will know Even if I grabbed our smartphone and started searching for it. We will only be able to know that this app has been installed and we will only be able to make it visible and usable.

How to Hide Apps on Android

To hide apps on your Android smartphone there In two waysOne hard and one easy. The tricky thing is to create a work profile or a second user on the phone, and install apps to just hide in that profile.

However, the procedure is very inconvenient, it takes up a lot of space on the phone, moreover, if those who control our smartphone are experienced enough, they can quickly understand the presence of the second profile inside. Therefore, this is not the procedure we will follow.

The Easier way To hide apps on your Android smartphone is to go to Settings > Privacy > Hide app. Here we will find a list of all the applications installed on our smartphone, all surrounded by one On/Off: We just need to activate the key corresponding to the app we want to hide.

At this point, the phone will ask us to enter a file cipher made of Symbols and numbers, max 16 characters. After selecting and confirming the code The application will disappear from the smartphone: It will not be visible on the home page, nor in the apps menu, nor in settings and even if we look for it with the magnifying glass. Nothing, disappeared into thin air.

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To make the application visible again, you will need to open a file phone dialer (ie the app to make phone calls) and enter the pre-selected code using the keypad. It will not be necessary to send the call: when we enter the last digit of the unlock code, theList of hidden appswhere we can click on the hidden application we want to use.

The interesting thing is that with this code, we do not make hidden applications visible forever, but only at that precise moment: when we finish using the application and close it, in fact, It will become invisible again.

How to make hidden apps visible

The trick works so well that there is a risk of installing the app and then hiding it forget that. For this there is also the opposite action, which is to make a previously hidden application visible.

Just come back up Settings > Privacy > Hide app And in the same menu as before, find the applications that we have hidden. At this point we’ll just have to.”turn offswitch e The app will be visible again At home, in settings, in the application list, and in search.

Hide apps to hide chats

One of the most common uses of this trick is Hide chats We never want to risk anyone seeing you. Because everyone has a little The WhatsAppHowever, there are plenty of alternatives to WhatsApp that you can use cableAnd the Signal Or other messaging apps only for conversations that we want to keep confidential.

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In this way it will be enough for us to hide the Telegram and Signal applications to hide the chats that we do not want to show to anyone. The exact same can be done with other applications”sensitive“Like that dating your deadAnd the Tinder And the stutter.

Hide apps to protect children

Another great reason to hide apps is Protection of children and youth Homepage. Very young people, as it is known, quickly learn to use smartphones and tablets and if there is an application on the device sooner or later they will open it.

This is why it is so important to only install safe and unparalleled apps on devices that are also used by children and young adults, or Hide apps which they should neither use nor see.

Hide apps to protect your work

Finally, there’s also one last interesting use of this feature: Hide work apps. Any company applications through which we access important and confidential data that must be protected at all costs.

If someone stole Work Phone, or he can access it even for a few minutes, he can look at that data. Therefore, hiding the apps used at work can be a great idea.

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