How many cars, brands and tracks does it have? Many details from Japan –

How many cars, brands and tracks does it have?  Many details from Japan –

details interesting on Gran Turismo 7, Like Amount of cars, brands and tracks And many other information, drawn from a promotional brochure distributed in stores in Japan during this period, was reported online by Twitter user riku.

According to reports, Gran Turismo 7 is expected to contain more than 420 car model Reproduced “to the highest quality”, from over 60 auto manufacturers, for use on over 90 tracks. The spirit of the game will be GT Mode, the series’ classic single-player mode, which returns after the Gran Turismo Sport arc to the protagonist in this new chapter.

For brands and cars again, the brochure talks about over 300 post-2011 models that can be purchased from existing brands. Among these, there are no less than Ferrari F8 e F12, bears witness to some Maranello house advocates in the garage.

The game’s ‘Used Car Resale’ will also allow you to buy pre-2011 and even several decades old discontinued vehicles, including historical Japanese cars from 80’s and 90’s, with a list that will be “updated every day”.

the tuning store It will allow you to change every component of the car’s interior and trim between the engine, brakes, suspension, tires and more, with the possibility to purchase even extreme things like a turbocharger and other items.

Scapes mode includes more than 2,500 image sites from 40 different countries, to use as backgrounds for this “image” option, which, as was recently reported, should also support ray tracing. back too Driving licenses Driving, which will challenge players in different tests to reach higher levels of competition.

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An impressive variety of game situations are also expected in terms of Missions and challenges, such as 0 to 400m Battles, Top Speed ​​Challenges, “Music Rally” to the beat of the music and many other events that will add a lot of variety to the standard action.

Among the latest game news, we’ve seen a video diary dedicated to the next-gen version, while the ESRB confirms the existence of microtransactions in Gran Turismo 7.

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