WhatsApp updates and adds custom colors: how to activate the new function

WhatsApp updates and adds custom colors: how to activate the new function

WhatsApp has been improved again with an amazing feature: the colors can now be customized.

Meta takes care of the updating WhatsApp continuously. To do this, it launches very interesting functions that, in most cases, attract the curiosity of Internet users. In the end, it’s good to remember that WhatsApp is king in the instant messaging space, and no service is competitive. We see that now too With an amazing update about to be released.

Custom colors on WhatsApp: It is now possible to do this via Ireporters.it

This update is very different from previous versions. It will allow everyone to perform a certain action, which was not possible until now. This is a really special feature, which is why it’s worth exploring as much as possible. Read on to find out More information about the upcoming WhatsApp update:You will be amazed by the new feature.

Custom colors, you can finally change them on WhatsApp too: the new function

From now on you will be able to use the renewed drawing editor. The developers’ goal is Provide a more easy and simple interface to manage, instead of a sophisticated layout like the current one. Moreover, there is another very important clarification that needs to be made in this regard. That is, as you can imagine, one will be available New brush and color toolbar. By doing this, you can change the shades as you wish.

Customized WhatsApp colors
Here’s how to configure colors on WhatsApp Ireporters.it

With these functions you can improve your photos. The same applies to multimedia content, which will now receive a fundamental change. Improving the drawing editor, providing an unprecedented experience, could be a turning point for WhatsApp. And all this thanks to the feature that many users have been eagerly waiting for. At the moment, we know that the feature is under development, so it will be a long time before it is available.

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WhatsApp is working hard to fix the issue, Try to eliminate as many defects or errors as possible. Once it is available, we will all be able to download it and benefit from its unique functionality. It’s worth the wait in this case, especially if the setup is really right. There is nothing else to know about this feature. We suggest keeping you informed about this because there may be other news in the future.

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