Finally you can send high resolution photos

Finally you can send high resolution photos

WhatsApp is updated and makes all users happy: from today it will be possible to send images in high resolution. thus.

WhatsApp It is an instant messaging application Most popular and used in the world. In fact, there are more than 2 billion people in the world who use it and constantly communicate with friends, relatives, and others through it. Specifically for this large number of users, halfthe group that runs the platform, It should always keep the app up-to-date.

WhatsApp you can now send high resolution images – Image via Ansa –

Has been there over the years Continuous improvements Making the user experience easier and more intuitive. But instant messaging has always had a problem: that Submit images in low resolution. A grain that has often led users to choose other platforms for this kind of functionality.

However, as mentioned, WhatsApp is constantly ready to meet the needs of its customers and has now solved this problem as well, allowing forSend high resolution image filesalso getting better from this point of view.

WhatApp has been updated, and now you can send photos in HD: here’s how

In fact, with the new update it is now no longer only available in beta it will be possible Send photos in HD format to anyone that allow not to lose resolution upon receipt. But the job is not automatic and it should be activity manually. Here’s how.

High resolution whatsapp images
WhatsApp, high resolution images arrive – Ansa photo –

Activate The function of sending high-resolution images on WhatsApp It’s not complicated, in fact it’s very simple. First you need to go to the main menu of the application (top right for Android users, bottom right for iOS users). From there, select the itemsettings“go to the name”space and data“.

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And it is precisely in this last section that we will find the option related to the resolution of the images. For that it will be necessary to go to the submenu called “Image upload qualityHere you will open three options:car (recommended)“,”better quality” And “Saving dataThe option to choose to send photos in HD quality is the second one and that is confirmed once all of that is confirmed, but in any case, this setting can be changed at any time.

However, it must be remembered that high-resolution images are being sent It involves much higher data consumption compared to the lower quality. Therefore, if you do not have a Wi-Fi network and do not want to consume large amounts of data, it is recommended to activate the third option: that is Data Saver.

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