This Google app is about to disappear

This Google app is about to disappear

Another app The Google It will disappear in a few months. after the end Hangouts (Migrated to Google Chat) for stadia (Google’s streaming gaming platform), now it’s your turn Street View from Google, but only from its own custom app. This is what the site says who decoded the latest version of the app that Google uploaded to the Play Store, and found in it a clear indication that the Street View app will no longer be available.

Street View: Apply Goodbye March 2023

As mentioned A warning appears in the decrypted code in which Google confirms that the app street view It will be closed in March 21, 2023while encouraging users to switch to Google Maps or Street View Studio.

Until 2015, Street View from Google It was an app installed directly on most Android OS devices. It was the plugin needed to be able to use Street View from the Google Maps app for Android. But seven years ago, with the release of Google Street View 2.0, Google Maps merged into one Small version of Street View Street View plug-in has become a standalone application with which to explore streets, squares and monuments and through which to post 360 degree photos.

Throughout these years, Google Street View 2.0 has received minor improvements, such as a redesign of the interface, support for 360 cameras, or new camera modes. Now, seven years after its launch, Google has decided to keep this app for a few more months Completely eliminate it.

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This can be explained by the fact that the app does not have a large active user base, as the Google Maps app comes with Street View built in.

Goodbye photography trips

With the Street View app closed, we will lose the option “Photography tracks‘, a feature that allowed you to create a series of picture while walking: Every few meters the camera automatically takes a picture and keeps it all the way. It was a way to contribute to making Street View more complete in those areas where the famous car carrying the cameras did not pass or, for logistical reasons, could not reach them.

Street View will live on maps

Apart from the last job, with Google Maps You can use all those already known in the app street view. In recent years, Google Maps has greatly improved integration with Street View, adding “split opinion“Which allows you to explore the map and enable Street View at the same time, or the possibility of time travel See how the streets were in the past.

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