The trick that perfumes clothes and removes the unpleasant odor

The trick that perfumes clothes and removes the unpleasant odor

Every time we load the washing machine, it's a drag: we never know if the laundry smells good or smells bad. How many times has it happened to us that freshly washed clothes smell unpleasantly “fresh”? It's the classic smell of dampness, which forces us to wash our clothes again before we can wear them again. First of all, it is necessary to understand what problem can be caused by the smell of the washing machine and freshly washed clothes. Apart from this, it is also important to understand how to keep the closet smelling good, so as not to spoil all the work done.

There is no point in having clean and scented clothes if we then have to fold them and put them in a smelly wardrobe. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it has nothing to do with the classic scented sachets that can be found on the market. These solutions are immediate, but at the same time they only last a little. So, to avoid Spending money unnecessarily without finding a solution, we can use a simple lemon Which, for just a few cents, will ensure our wardrobe smells fresh and clean for a long time. The smell of laundry is very annoying. This could be due to a moisture problem in the clothes drying stage, but also due to a bad odor in the cabinets and drawers. To solve this problem, we only need one lemon and nothing else. In addition to being free and natural, this technology is really practical, because it absorbs bad odor and leaves a fresh scent indoors. What we will see below is the ideal solution for removing odor from closed tanks. Simply squeeze the lemon and then filter the solution to collect any solid residue. Once we have only lemon juice, we will have to dilute it with a part of water corresponding to the amount of juice.

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At this point we can proceed in two ways. The first is to clean the wardrobe with this solution, using a soft cloth, also depending on the material of our wardrobe. After rinsing everything well, we will immediately begin to smell the refreshing scent of the most popular citrus fruits.

To put an end to the smell of a loaded cabinet, we can also transfer lemon juice mixed with water in a hand sprayer. Even in this second case, the summer lemon scent will invade the entire cabin, even seeping into clothes and covers.

We can repeat the process as many times as we want, without fear of using contaminated products. Therefore, we will no longer need synthetic perfumers after trying this natural and, to say the least, unusual method.

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