Ferrari, the new model leaves fans speechless: it looks like a Porsche

Ferrari, the new model leaves fans speechless: it looks like a Porsche
Ferrari that looks like a Porsche – – Source: Depositphotos

A stunning Ferrari that looks so much like a Porsche, who would have thought a prancing horse would suggest it.

Ferrari changes its skin. In Italy, as far as cars are concerned, it is certainly not only Fiat, but also the Prancing Horse. Of course, the two car manufacturers have nothing in common, apart from their Italian nature, and they are also very far apart.

If Fiat offers popular models suitable for families and beyond, Ferrari, in its long history, has focused everything on sports cars and luxury cars. It is certainly no coincidence that Ferrari has won a series of Formula 1 championships while Fiat has not, although we still expect the panda to appear in Formula 1 sooner or later.

But irony aside, Ferrari has had some models in its production that have become truly iconic over the years. A symbol of progress in terms of luxury cars that only the Prancing Horse car manufacturer can offer us.

In general, the most famous red car models in the world are angular and not very elegant, they stand out but impress only because of their luxury and certainly not because they are convincing, unlike Porsche models. What if we told you that? A Ferrari disguised as a Porsche?

Ferrari doesn’t even look like one

This is the Ferrari Roma Spider, a car that is very reminiscent of romantic sensibilities Roman holidaysWith its soft roof, which gives it a strong character. Luxury and valuable elements are what distinguish this car, which is completely different from other prancing horse cars.

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Upscale fabric featuring specially designed fabrics and a choice of contrast stitching. the The soft top is designed to be able to enhance the completely different smooth lines of this Ferrari.

Ferrari Roma Spider – – Source: Web Search

Engine and equipment

The engine of this Ferrari car is V8 Biturbo 3855, maximum power 456 kW, specific power 161 hp/l. In short, stylish on the outside, but has real power under the hood.

It’s quick and quick, and it’s fully equipped, with a high level of technology that reflects the current automotive market trend. the price? It seems easy to understand that it is really expensive, starting at around 250 thousand euros.

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