Ftse Mib is still down, and industrial production is disappointing

Ftse Mib is still down, and industrial production is disappointing

Milan Stock Exchange Today, April 13th: Ftsy Meb It is low, below yesterday’s closing threshold of 27,629 points.

the Meloni government Agree on Appointments to senior management of subsidiariesWith Claudio Descalzi (Managing Director) and Giuseppe Zafarana (Chairman) at Eni; Flavio Cattaneo (Managing Director) and Paolo Scaroni (Chairman) at Enel; Roberto Cingolani (Managing Director) and Stefano Pontecorvo (Chairman) Leonard; Matteo Del Fante (Managing Director) and Silvia Rovere (President) at Poste Italiane.

The Terna case still needs to be resolved, but the executive said it was satisfied with the options, with the prime minister commenting: “The new senior management appointments of Eni, Enel, Leonardo and Poste are the result of a careful assessment of skills, not affiliations.”.

However, in the spotlight there are still issues related to the global economy and expectations of a rate hike from the European Central Bank, while in Italy the Bank of Italy announced that the hit on mortgages continues.

there Italian industrial production In February it disappointed expectations and showed a decline. In the Eurozone, on the other hand, industrial production data for February was positive, recording yearly +2.0% and monthly +1.5%.

The Btp-Bund spread is 185 pips, with a stretch Italian decimal which yields 4.22%.

Ftse Mib. Moncler’s career and Enel’s caliber stand out in the price list.

in EuropeThe French CAC gained, while the London-based FTSE 100 and the German DAX lost.

To highlight the couple EUR/USD Close to 1.10, after the dollar weakened on expectations that the Federal Reserve will end its monetary tightening after raising another 25 basis points (most likely) next month.

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Milan Stock Exchange Today Updated April 13th at 13.00: Ftse Mib is still down

Ftse Mib fell 0.05%. The worst stocks at the moment are Enel (-3.37%), Banca Generali (-1.43%), Finecobank (-1.84%), Inwit (-1.01%), Snam (-1.01%), Terna (-1.11%).

Gains for Amplifon (+1.79%), Ferrari (+1.59%), Leonardo (+2.42%), Moncler (+3.84%), Pirelli & C (+1.52%) stand out on the list %), Stmicroelectronics (+1.23%) Tenaris (+ 1.43%).

Milan Stock Exchange today update April 13 at 10.25: Ftse Mib in red

Ftse Mib lost 0.25%. Enel’s jingle stands out in Milan’s price list (-4.04%). Banca Generali (-0.90%), Finecobank (-1.18%), Unicredit (-0.60%), Terna (-0.68%) and Telecom Italia (-0.45%) also traded in the red.

Moncler is on the rise (+3.49%). Amplifon (+1.70%), Ferrari (+0.99%) and Leonardo (+0.71%) also performed well.

Asia is at a loss, and US stock futures are recovering

the Asia Pacific markets It closed mostly lower after the March FOMC meeting minutes showed that Fed officials see the US economy heading in that direction. recession In the aftermath of the banking crisis.

In China, the Shanghai Composite fell 0.32% and the Shenzhen component lost 1%, despite the surprise jump in trade data, as March exports were better than expected.

more United States of AmericaI Stock futures They are catching up. Overnight, the S&P 500 closed down 0.41%, while the Nasdaq Composite fell 0.85%. The Dow Jones lost 0.11%.

After sluggish inflation data and shocking Fed minutes with recession risks now reduced, investors are now awaiting the US PPI and weekly jobless claims. Wall Street is also looking forward to the start of earnings season, with commercial banks including JPMorgan and Citigroup among the first to reveal the data.

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