Bar bathroom, can you even go there without consuming? What the law says

Bar bathroom, can you even go there without consuming?  What the law says

Many people wonder if it is possible to use a room bathroom without offering even a little solace. Let’s find out together what the law says in this regard.

Bar bathroom –

When you’re out and about, you can encounter unexpected events that can turn the tables on you. This means that walks take longer than they should, so people may have to complete some of them Physiological need In a public place. Fortunately, there is bars and clubs, That is, those places where you can go to the bathroom and above all refresh yourself. However, it can happen to a person Complain The reality of having to go to the bathroom even without consuming anything. How should we act in this situation? Here is the word of the law.

The bathroom in the restaurant: a service that should not be overlooked

the public places They are definitely the most popular, because they are able to offer diverse services to their clients. the Refreshment places Bars, restaurants and pubs provide the opportunity to spend some time in the company of your loved ones, perhaps sipping your favorite drink and eating your favorite dish together.

Use the bar bath without consumption
Use the bar bath without

It is therefore axiomatic that anyone who enters a bar or similar place does not stay for just five minutes, but spends many hours there. This is to relax and sculpt moments of relaxation Inner peace.

It is precisely for this reason that it can be born the need Of having to implement some Physiological needs Which requires bathroom intervention. Some locations have a bathroom inside the store. For this reason, just follow the instructions or ask the owner for the bathroom key.

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But the old places don’t have enough space To accommodate the bathroom and for this reason they recreated an external one accessible via it Keys and visit the internal entrances.

However, very rarely, you will not have rooms of this type, as both Personal that Client They must be able to access specific structures when needed.

How should the place behave regarding bathroom use?

As mentioned earlier, almost all tapes contain… The bathroom is reserved for employees And services targeting the public. In most cases, the rule applies according to which people who have to use the bathroom must spend or take at least one euro Small drink.

Bar bathroom without consumption
Bar bathroom without

This is because, until recently, club baths were considered a real seaport, which is why even those who Didn’t buy anything She entered the room so she could take advantage of it Public services.

So the owners announced that anyone who wanted to use these services would have to do so Minimum consumption. However, in some cases, bar owners can agree to use the toilet without being asked to do so premium A certain amount. The law leaves discretion in this sense, as the final say rests with the owner or manager of the building in question.

Is it possible to charge your customers to use the bathroom?

There are instances where deities can be found tickets Hanging on the bathroom door in the bar. These are actually defined as a Free address for all customers, While those who want to benefit from it without consumption will have to shell out a small amount quotes To be able to use the service.

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It is precisely for this reason that a small contribution of 0.50 euros or 1 euro is required, thanks to which anyone will be able to go to the bathroom. But unfortunately, this is not a legal fact, The money generated from using the bathroom will not appear on the receipt and therefore cannot be declared, let alone taxed.

The law is very clear in this regard, which is why those who continue to use this method can be mentioned To power. It is therefore recommended to reserve use Public bathroom For consumers only or is it better to emphasize that no one else is restricted from accessing the space, as it is specifically designed to protect the needs of customers? Are you also of this idea? This is definitely a thesis worth discussing!

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