The solution is being imitated by more and more people and it makes a lot of sense

The solution is being imitated by more and more people and it makes a lot of sense

It's time to lighten up your winter clothes back to make room for fresh cuts for spring – and the impending summer -. Changing your wardrobe is a tedious and time-consuming task if you want to do it right. It is important to fold your clothes correctly to avoid wrinkles and take up less space, which is something that should be taken into greater consideration if the clothes occupying the bottom of the wardrobe are the warmest. That's why there are many tricks and tips with which you can make sure that bulky pieces don't take up much more space than cool fabrics. In addition, there is another fundamental issue Keep the clothes stored during that period. Dust and moisture are very harmful to fabric and can ruin your favorite shirt.

Sometimes getting rid of pieces that we no longer wear is quite complicated, but once you are done, it will save a lot of space. For this reason, it is recommended before saving anything Piece for fall Check out the following if you have already used it or will do so at some point. If the answer is no, sell it or give it a second life by donating it – as long as it is in perfect condition. If you are in doubt about how to use this season, a trick has appeared on the web that will help you take a quick look. It consists of Turn the hangers over For every piece you wear. To do this, make sure they are all facing the same direction before you wear anything, and when you use the dressing room, you'll realize what you're not really using.

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Remember this periodically in our section decor You'll find all kinds of tricks that aim to help you improve the cleanliness of your home. Home experts say it's not so much what you clean as it is what you don't dirty. That's it: You can save time and even money by getting organized.

In addition to Cleaning products Nowadays they are accessible to almost anyone. In fact, in the Life & Style section, we often tell you about well-priced products that you can get from your trusted supermarket. These are items that will make your life easier.

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