Nights account for 26.8% of crimes in Barcelona

Nights account for 26.8% of crimes in Barcelona

26.8% of events reported to Mossos d'Esquadra in 2023 in Barcelona occurred between 10pm and 6amAccording to the authority’s data obtained by ACN through the Transparency Investigation. The actions were directed 203,545 over the course of the yearOf these, 54,642 were carried out during the night, at a rate of approximately twenty every hour.

However, in some neighborhoods, the percentage of night-time complaints was higher, as is the case now Barcelonetawhich topped the ranking with 45.7%. Areas such as Poblenou, Sant Gervasi Galvani and Poble Sec also had values ​​higher than 35%. July and August are the two months of the year with most nighttime action On instructions from the Catalan police.

like him, In July, 5,764 cases were recorded Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., 10.5% of the total, In August there were 5,632And also above 10%. Incidents also exceeded 5,000 cases in June and September, while the rest of the months remained below the level. In November, December and February, overnight complaints were fewer than 4,000.

Barceloneta and Raval, the neighborhoods with the highest number of accidents reported overnight

Barceloneta It is the neighborhood with the highest percentage of accidents that occur after dark, followed by Poblenou Park and Lake (38.5% of the total 24 hours a day), Barrow Tower (37.2%), Olympic Village in Poblenou (37%) i Saint Gervasi Galvani (36.3%). he Bubble again (35.6%), Montjuic Park (34.5%) New town (32.9%), Old left of Eixample (31.2%) and Gothic (30.8%) are the other neighborhoods whose index exceeds 30%.

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In absolute numbers, Barceloneta also leads the night-time crime rankings (4,673), followed by Raval (4,553), Gotic (3,884) and Drita di Leixample (3,854). During the day, Drita de Leixample is the neighborhood with the highest number of cases (15,449), And the Rafale (11.316), the Gothic (8.719) i Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and Ribeira It is followed by (5,997), as well as Barceloneta (5,557).

For time periods, Evening is the period when complaints are most common, between 6 and 9. From 12 to 1 pm is the fourth hour with the highest incidence, and from 12 to 1 am is the fifth hour, with the number of events reaching 12,254 events throughout the year 2023. So much so that throughout the week, between 00 am and 01 am, it is considered a day. Saturday is one of the times when most incidents are reported to Mossos, only after Friday at 8pm, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm and Friday at 12pm.

Thefts, credit card frauds and burglaries, the main types

The types of events reported to mossos do not show significant differences between daylight and nighttime hours, as it is at one time and the other time of day. Thefts are the most popular actionswhich represents about 40% of the total in both cases.

the Bank fraud As for credit cards, they occupy second place, as they constitute 12% of accidents at night, and 6% during the day. the Robbery with violence and/or intimidation It is the third most common complaint, accounting for 10% at night and 4% during the day. Damage, burglary and the same conditions, but inside the car, fraud, injury and embezzlement are the other crimes reported to the police.

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Drugs and theft are the most frequently reported cases to urban police

Data from Local police Of the actions directed in 2023 paint a similar scenario: of the 47,879 events reported, 11,060 occurred between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., 23% of the total. The figures, also obtained by ACN, include not only crimes but also other cases like this Losing things or attempting suicide.

However, Drug use or possession and abandonment of drug paraphernalia It is the most common type of day and night procedure, with about a quarter of all cases. Petty theft, shoplifting and drunk driving are the most common crimes after sunset.

In terms of the proportion of night actions in relation to the total number of incidents reported to the urban police, San Gervasi-Galvani (48.5%) ranks first, followed by the Poblenou Park and Lake (47.9%), the old town (47.9%) and the Esquerra of the Eixample (47.9%). 46.6%), Barceloneta (37.8%) and Vila Olímpica del Poblenou (34.8%). Depending on the month, July and August are also the months with the greatest amount of nighttime activity in the Barcelona Police Force, with more than 1,000 incidents each month.

Poor parking and street vending are major administrative complaints

On the other hand, the Urban Guard also facilitated the matter Administrative complaints In 2023 it received a total of 346,513, not counting those derived from traffic radars. This means that the body receives approximately 1,000 of them daily, about a quarter of which are related to the body Parking of vehicles.

Secondly, there are the crimes associated with it Street sellingfollowed by Consumption of alcohol in public placesseveral vehicular traffic accidents, driving without passing the ITV review before the specified time, or violations related to traffic signals.

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By month, parking in the wrong place ranks first in most months except Between June and September, when the main administrative complaint is pending. In general, August, September, and July, in that order, are the months with the most administrative action.

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