October 4, 2022

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The transfer market in Naples, in blue on Thiago Silva? Di Marzio’s reply has arrived

while broadcasting Football, love and fantasybroadcast on Bionjournalist from sky Transfer Market Expert Gianluca Di Marzio.

After he presented the mini-tournament among the youth teams that will be held in 3 days between 23 and 25 April in honor of the late father. Gianni DiMarzioanswered some questions from the guests in the studio about it market transfer.

Photo: Getty Images – Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva to Naples, denial arrives live from Di Marzio

In studio broadcast producer Tommy Esposito Spread a rumor about Market: He actually revealed that he became aware of the fact of it Thiago Silva He asked his colleague and former Azzurri player for information about Napoli Jorginho.

from marzio However, he denied it newsletter, which he found somewhat contradicts the company’s policies for the blue company. Below is what was said by us editorial board:

Thiago Silva Napoli? – Knowledge of certain mechanisms within the club, I’ll rule it out. Usually President De Laurentiis It does not require players of a certain agemay seem strange even if we take into account Sharing limits Because the Brazilian doesn’t take so little.”

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