June 7, 2023

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Young sponsor: Lukaku-Chelsea, there was a problem. He loves Inter but not to mention if…”

Rumors about Romelu Lukaku and Inter, but not only. The famous agent Pastorillo gave a lengthy interview to La Repubblica today

Alessandro Cozzatini

The Rumors On Romelu Lukaku and Inter, but not only. Famous Agent Federico Shepherd He got a long interview with Republic today. Below are his key data in light of the next market window.

Federico Pastorello, one of the most active dealerships in the world. Next will be the first real post-pandemic relocation market, City just announced the purchase of Haaland. What summer should we expect?

“It’s the attackers who will move the market, it’s not just Haaland. In the past year, many clubs were looking for the No. 9 and they couldn’t get it. It’s no secret: Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are looking for one, and Real will take one. If he were to take Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain will also look for advice. In Italy: Milan, given the age of their strikers, I think they are looking for a striker position. Inter must understand what to do: they have two great strikers, but one of them is of a certain age, and the other seems to matter to the market. Bayern could lose Lewandowski, Tottenham Kane. Then there is a striker like Chelsea but the situation is very special…”.

It’s the Lukaku that she represents. What happens to Romelu?

As for transportation standards, no one would have expected such a situation. I’m not discussing technical options, but there is clearly a problem. However, the numbers must be balanced: he is the team’s top scorer, and he has a low playing time compared to his teammates. The situation has to be evaluated carefully, now we have to defend our place in the Champions League, there is the FA Cup final: Romelu is focused on this, we haven’t talked about anything else.”

“Much ado about nothing. He has the club and the fans in his heart, he has never hidden it like the love of Anderlecht where he would like to end his career. But we can not assume negotiations: Chelsea have decided to sell the club, we do not know the interlocutors, let alone whether we can assume talks with Inter Or Milan. We have to wait.”

At Chelsea, I took Conte, now at Tottenham. Doesn’t he calm down his annoyance?

“He’s obsessed with winning. That made him one of the most successful players, and he has the potential to change the mentality of the team, but obviously in the Premier League you don’t just win with that. Sometimes Antonio seems to be a tough coach: but if I was a sporting director I wouldn’t want someone to make me I live well but he makes me win. I feel very satisfied with the team, he’s following him: I think 60-70% will do it. It stays.”

More and more important players are leaving on a free transfer: why?

“It is one of the effects of the epidemic. Many clubs are reducing salaries: for years 4-5 million salaries have been exaggerated even for strong players, but not absolute champions. The result is that now they will no longer take some numbers.”

Is there a problem of not caring about young Italians?

“I say something against my interests: the growth decree killed Italian football, and today it is better to go get a foreigner in Holland than an Italian under 21. Salvatore, the under-21 owner, has been relegated to Serie B, players should not face Like that any problems finding space in Serie A. But it’s not the clubs’ fault: if they charge you for a specialty restaurant like Trattoria, what do you do? Politics in Italy and Italian football.”

“It was difficult to maintain the situation for a while: he was a pillar, and now aspects of personal life are unfairly touched, he is a perfect professional, taking care of himself, his nutrition, to always be on top. Spezia is not casual, he is strong in his mind physically. At the end The season we will discuss with the club: the work in this case can be complicated.”

Bernardeschi ends in June: is he renewing with Juventus or is he put in Dybala?

“I don’t comment on the positions of other players. But I had no idea that Federico had not been reasserted. Maybe there is a role playing and it can give you the feeling that you are not very important in the project. But with Juventus the renewal dialogue is open and his priority is to stay. Then naturally it opens up. On the alternatives that exist: He does not imagine himself in a club that is not a big club. Juventus is there but there are others too.”

What process can raise the level of the Italian championship?

“A star, player or coach. Mourinho is someone who is doing well in Italy’s football movement, a fantastic move by Friedkin and GM Pinto. He has brought back the enthusiasm that was missing in Roma at Spalletti. And the property is investing in making him compete. When he was Ronaldo is there, a lot of people from other teams went to the stadium against Juventus to see him. But such names are in one hand.”

“It saddened me a lot: we didn’t have a close relationship, there was rivalry, but it was also a great professional motivator: he left two players, I took two with him. The agent, he broke the mold, even for appearances. He will miss him very much.”