David Jaffe rejects $100 million deal as criticism of Chinese government – Nerd4.life

David Jaffe rejects 0 million deal as criticism of Chinese government – Nerd4.life

David Jaffeknown as the author of Twisted Metal and God of War, claimed to have rejected a $100 million deal from Tencent, is associated with the development of a new game, because he does not want to work with a Chinese company. Then the author criticized the Chinese government.

speaking in Sacred Icons + Podcast David Jaffe (available for a fee, transcribed by VGC), said, “I have a $100 million deal. I was called out by a Chinese company… and I said ‘No thanks,’ because you are Tencent and I don’t want to do anything with you.”

“It was bad because it was The western section of Tencent He was Western compared to talking to me and tried not to criticize him. I hope he has thick skin. He’s been a CEO longer than me, but I replied “I don’t want to deal with a company of that kind, with a government of that kind.”

Later in the podcast, Jaffe has Expanded their point of view And they said, “Stop killing people. And again people will say ‘American hands are not clean’ and no, they are not, but […] We have a system and if we really care, we can change things. In China, they take you in the middle of the street if you go online and say something bad about the police or the government or something else and who knows when they’ll see you again. And we don’t even talk about what happens if you’re Uyghur or *****.”

David Jaffe

Remember that Tencent, in addition to owning Riot Games (League of Legends), owns 40% of the shares of Epic Games and various shares in Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Krafton, PlatinumGames, Mervelous Inc, Playtonic Games and many other video game companies (and no, Tencent They are more than just video games.)

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