Mayor of Padua: “We work in Padua, the capital of science and medicine”

Mayor of Padua: “We work in Padua, the capital of science and medicine”

In Padua, he created the task force to make science and medicine “participatory”. Mayor: “After UNESCO, we are working in Padua, the capital of science and medicine”

Antonella Viola, Rosario Rizzuto, Mario Plibani, Giovannila Baggio, Telmo Pivani and Maurizio Corbeta will form the working group requested by Mayor of Padovato make Science And medicine Closer, accessible and “understandable” for everyone.

After recognition by UNESCO – explain mayor – we are here ask yourself that, In addition to art, Padova has another extraordinary feature which is biomedical research and health; The communication of these privileges, in the city as well as nationally and internationally, becomes necessary to propose an idea City of wellness and health“.

our city – he added – He is, in fact, the protagonist on the national and international scene for the quality and professionalism of scientists and doctors. In the darkest hours of Covid, we were a light in terms of research, innovation, insights and care. In the years of the epidemic, More and more citizens tried to approach science and medicine in an effort to better understand what was happening. For those who, like me, do not have specific training, however, it may not be easy understanding science And the risk of falling victim to fake news or being neglected because of the “rumours” behind itcorner. This is precisely why I asked them Padoan privileges to create a working group, on a free and voluntary basis, which can help everyone get to know and understand better The innovations of medicine thus constitute the initial nucleus of work that could then be extended to the many, many scientists wishing to contribute to the city. The concept behind this commitment is the so-called “4P Medicine”. Where 4 Ps stands for ‘personal’, ‘predictive’, ‘preventive’ and ‘participatory’ specifically. The group’s work will focus on the concept of dissemination, understanding and therefore participation. Work directed in a purely informational sense within an absolute institutional path that has nothing to do with the electoral campaign period, and also because it is clear that the work carried out in the complete independence of these official figures will continue beyond the end of the period. The state will be an important resource for Padua, no matter who the mayor leads in the next five years“.

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Padua – Remember the mayor Thanks to its University, Hospital, City of Hope, IOV, VIMM, the restoration of the Hospital in the Center and the construction of the New East Pole, it has formed, and will constitute, and will constitute, more and more in the future a franchise on the national and international scene. Taking another step towards increasingly “participatory” and understandable science and medicine means taking another step forward by creating “protocols”, approaches, and opportunities for comparison and deepening that can soon become the heritage of all.”

my sincere thanks – The mayor concluded – He goes to Antonella Viola, Rosario Rizzuto, Mario Plibani, Giovannila Baggio, Telmo Bivani, and Maurizio Corbeta not only because they made themselves available to take on this fundamental cultural leap with us, but above all For the work they do for all of us every day, especially Also in this period Difficult”.

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