Jovimania: Kane, respond to Morata and… Firmino. Pogba is like Dybala, not just bad luck. Paredes priority! | first page

Jovimania: Kane, respond to Morata and… Firmino.  Pogba is like Dybala, not just bad luck.  Paredes priority!  |  first page

Juventus – Barcelona 2-2

The second friendly match of the US tour of Juventus, which took place at midnight, also ended in the archives.
Compared to the debut against Chivas’ Mexicans, this was certainly a more intense and testing commitment for the old lady against new Barcelona Xavi who, after a few years of frustration and confusion, appears to have taken the right path to return to the competition. in Spain and Europe.
The match ended with two goals against two goals scored by Kane on the one hand and Dembele on the other. For a good half an hour it was almost a real match with acceptable rhythms and we saw, especially at Juventus, many things to highlight.

Di Maria charms, Alex Sandro shocks, Bonucci but how do you defend?

The first, without a doubt, is the already huge importance of Di Maria’s presence in the Juventus match. His versatility in attack in search of decisive play, and the creation of permanent dangerous situations on the opponent’s defence, are just what Juventus need to break the monotony of Allegri’s game.
We will never tire of hoping that ‘El Fideo’ will decide to stay at Juventus after the agreed ‘tourist’ season because seeing him play is already an amazing sight.
The second, which is certainly not new, is that Juventus’ defensive stage, especially on the left, is not a great team. Not throwing the cross directly at Alex Sandro but in making Dembele suddenly emerge as the new George Best, there are many of his responsibilities and this is clearly also supported by the lack of defensive complications.
The input of Bremer and Gatti is sure to give a big hand to revive the division, also because I don’t know how long we’ll still be able to tolerate seeing Bonucci defend by stepping back, but so far, Juve’s defense is completely unknown.

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Kane, respond to Morata… and Firmino

Another thing that should definitely be highlighted in the match against Barcelona, ​​besides the double achieved, is the performance of Moise Kean, who was finally very positive.
A response from the Italian footballer to all the market rumors that he wants from the Juventus project which every day approaches the offensive department with a different name.
He moves from Martial to Werner and is clearly going through the return of Morata, the constant of the Juventus market in recent years.
Today, it is Roberto Firmino’s turn, very close to what Corriere dello Sport has written, to become a new player at Juventus.
So we are waiting to see who will arrive as Vlahovic’s deputy. Even if we see the difficulties of Juventus in defense and the lack of protection for the defensive section itself by the midfield, the priority should be to buy a half-containment while also limiting the ability.
All the clues that undoubtedly lead to a declared goal, namely the goal of Leandro Paredes, the Argentine footballer who, given his playing characteristics and ability to adapt to Italian football, would be ideal for restoring balance in the owner of the 11 player Juventus.
At the moment, his negotiations should have a red symbol, also and above all in light of Pogba’s recent injury which immediately brings Juventus’ midfield back to mid/low levels last year.

Pogba is like Dybala, it takes time and luck

Losing Pogba on the spot is a blow to the enthusiasm at Juve and also to the match, but it is certainly better to stop him in the pit now than in the crucial stages of the season.
Certainly an unfortunate episode even if the numbers of the Frenchman in recent years have unfortunately been going in that direction; His participation is clearly a calculated risk in this sense.
An ironic fate unites him for Dybala, not only for the same year of birth (1993), the transition of the No. 10 shirt to black and white and the great friendship between the two.
Both in recent years, due to numerous injuries, have lost continuity and performance forced to accept drastically reduced engagements for what they have received or requested in the recent past.
The wages and costs are clearly low but they have a great risk, namely the tendency to get infected. It would be foolish not to think about this variable as well and just throw it out due to bad luck.
If today Pogba no longer receives or demands the 20 million euros a year requested by the late Raiola only some time ago, it is because the “octopus” has spent almost more time in the dispensary in the past three years than he has in the field.
If Dybala is forced to leave Rome, it is because after Sarri and after Covid he can no longer find continuity, with an impressive string of injuries.
Anyone deciding to hire a player from this background should keep in mind the risks that the process carries. Great bet.
It’s a fair and motivating process, because if you recover the player completely, you will have a phenomenon in the team that will definitely change the balance of the first division.
But if the stops were repeated instead, you would not be able to endure them unfortunately, because without injuries, Manchester United would have done everything to keep Pogba and Juventus did everything to renew Dybala. Thus, it is a calculated risk, but you need to be honest in your judgments.
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