Juventus social reactions against the decisions of the sports judge

Juventus social reactions against the decisions of the sports judge

Juventus supporters against the decisions of the sports judge, referring to the Kane case in Rome, Naples and Koschek at the Spezia stadium.

The disciplinary measures taken by the sports judge for the hot Juventus final (the club will require the documents obtained to assess the appeal) have sent Juventus fans into a rage, who have expressed their disappointment on social media over other similar episodes. What happened to Lukaku is not considered this year to protect their favourites.

The most contested cases on social media are those of Kane in Rome and Naples and Costi in Piazza Spezia, but they are not the only ones this year.

Two weights and two measures

It also shows the fans’ disappointment because it is considered “unacceptable that the sports judge did not take into account the immediate cooperation of Juventus.” Fans bring back the referee’s disagreement with other similar cases: “Juventus has an obedient appeal, there is a clear difference in the treatment. It’s all documented by the sports referee’s apparatus and beyond.”

In the post-match reconstruction of communication between Handanović and Cuadrado, in particular, it is not clear who is the first push to spark the discourse:

“As someone who is completely honest and disinterested in the matter, I think the sports judge’s decision is really wrong. Handanovic should have been given 10 days, and his behavior was simply disgraceful,” a fan wrote.

And there are those who increase the dose at the expense of the sports judge.

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