“You pity my poor dear”: The Massacre of Federico Fashion Style | After dissociation it is reduced as such

“You pity my poor dear”: The Massacre of Federico Fashion Style |  After dissociation it is reduced as such
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Federico Fashion Style ignites social networks again: the sexy shot splits the network in half.

Anzio hairstylist recently encountered A moment of transition in his life. Federico Lori, in fact, confessed his homosexuality in the presence of Silvia Tovanin in the living room of the “Verissimo”, with the expectation Effects also in his private life.

The relationship, already worn out, with his ex-wife Letizia Borco So he reached the end of the line. The inevitable separation also involved the daughter Sophie Mael, who was temporarily entrusted to her mother and very close to the hairdresser in the “Salon of Wonders”.

Once the media storm subsided, Federico Fashion Style gave up his video presence, and continued to manage it Trio of hair beauty sites in Anzio, Roma Oer and MilanAnd counting famous faces from the show among its customers.

In fact, the influencer combed and styled it Claire Feragnywho offered a €3,550 receipt for his appearance, but also Alba Baretti, Julia De Lillis, Nina Moric, Valeria Marini, Aida Yespica. However, his heart only beats for Sophie Mael, and the hairdresser tries to spend every free moment next to him. without depriving yourself of it Small breaks In the company of friends: Federico Fashion Style recently took a dip in the waters of Capri, but the shot on Instagram definitely created a net crawl space…

Federico Fashion Style poses in front of the lens: here comes the fierce show

After a summer vacation in Sharm El-Sheikh, where the followers had taken over the exaggeration Hairdresser delicacyFederico Lauri does not appear to have regained enough weight by the standards of the followers.

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In fact, the hairstylist uploaded a photo to Instagram in which he appears below a pier in Capri, leaning on a ladder in the midday sun. Gucci tricolor T-shirt, flared Prada sneakers and denim shorts, Federico Fashion Style showed off slightly mismatched style as usual. To complete the look, a straw hat and White socks embroidered with eye-catching graphics. The hairdresser, who had always been somewhat skinny, looked even more emaciated and emaciated, and the net was not slow to react to his investment…

It’s a boom in the comments

Some followers have definitely criticized the hairstylist’s gorgeous array of outfits: “You can’t watch!Someone writes.

Another adds:You pity me, poor thing”, perhaps in reference to the excessive media exposure Federico Fashion Style has pursued despite his recent personal ups and downs. However, many users defended the freedom of choice and expression that the hairstylist invoked: “Really wonder if you would like to hear similar commentsOr for your children to receive. Then we marvel at today’s generation, but let’s look at the example of young people. The worst comments are written by adults, and most of them are parents too!“.

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