Tina Sipolari angered by…

Tina Sipolari angered by…

Armando Encarnato “gathers” another person and Tina Sipolari goes on a rampage and breaks into the studio. The Knight of Naples for the throne of men and women liquidated the last two ladies with whom they would meet, having announced his intention to do so. Connect with attendees. The columnist was unable to back out and…

A new clash in a study Men and Women – Maria de Filippi. The heroes were them again, Armando incarnate And Tina Cibulari.

between Knight Naples on the throne And the dating show columnist Canale 5 doesn’t walk in bad blood at all and the two showed it off in abundance and brought it up to the public.

What made the vamp fellow go on a rampage Gianni Sperti? Armando cut again Knowledge With the ladies he met.. strange, isn’t it?!

Napoli is unable to continue knowing one for more than a few weeks. When the time is up…Enough, stop, it’s over. Another other round Mrs.. And this is not due to Cipollari, who does not miss an opportunity to scold and attack him. It must be said that Incremato does nothing to avoid angering Tina at himself.

Men and women: Armando Incarnato filters them too

Men and women: Tina Sipolari is angry because of her & # 8230;

But let’s go back to the criminal “crime”. the hero of the story on the throne was dating Sarah and Sylvia: At first he seemed intent on getting to know both, but instead…nothing further from reality. As soon as you get into the center of the studio…here’s the surprise: Armando closes both:

I want to start with an apology, I tried to reach out to both of them, but like I said, I was disappointed in the previous relationship and refused to communicate with people

embodied And so it begins, and unleashes the interaction Whoever Gianni Whoever Tina, Which blurs in unambiguous terms. Cipollari is a real rage:

These are silly excuses that no one believes, not even you laugh. When you walked in, he didn’t like you at all. He caught you for challenging him with me and in fact the result was the one that cleared you today. Every now and then she keeps some just to justify her existence. You are the one who denigrates others and points the finger at them, but you are the first. You don’t do anything constructive, if you want ten minutes of sitting in the middle, turn on the music and dance on your own, so you stop making fun of all of Italy

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