Tootie Blasi, the soap goes on. And Ilary changes location for softener-

Tootie Blasi, the soap goes on.  And Ilary changes location for softener-

According to Chi magazine, the couple led separate lives with a promise not to show themselves in public with new partners. Pictures of Totti’s new torch sparked Blasey’s ire

We are only at the beginning. As can be imagined. there end of marriage For the golden couple Elari Blasi – Francesco Totti, for them it marks the end of the cycle of love, because gossip is only the beginning of a summer story that will keep us company for many weeks. Details, background and assumptions will be distilled. After all, such a famous and beloved couple, unfortunately, remains in the center of attention in both happy and unhappy moments.

To summarize: In February, Dagospia’s scoop announced that there was another woman, Noemi, next to the captain. The couple exiles in a dry and aggressive manner. The magazine was published last week From Pictures of Totti at Noemi’s house. And so, Elari and Francesco, the day before seeing their own person on everyone’s lips, decided to announce, to the whole country, that their marriage was over. Not with a joint press release, but with two different press releases in different tones: Elari is dry, Francesco is soft.

Now everyone is wondering how things are really going? Who is the first to stay away from his partner? Does Francesco really like Noemi? And is it true that Elari also had a connection to another in Milan? And then, how will the file Huge economic interests still bind the couple? Slowly, perhaps we will get to know the details. At the moment, what is coming out of the new issue of the magazine From is that the story of Noemi and Francesco was known in the world, (and thus probably also by Ilary) but the captain’s historical friends, and much of Rome, made a shield to protect Rome’s former hero. Perhaps this was also a pact between the spouses, for a few months: separate lives, but nothing goes out in the newspapers from the front door and the protection of children. In short, it is forbidden to “get caught up” with new partners. And that’s exactly what would have angered Elari: the fact that Francesco He wasn’t able to act so cautiously. After all, we’d bet that between the two, the captain was sure to get “caught”.

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And in order not to miss the headache, there are also commercials. Elari Plassey has always been a testament to the fabric softener (Lenore) and gave life to the curtain as talking on the phone with her husband (who could not be seen or heard) explained the virtues of the detergent. With many last sentence: “Lenore smoothing and pearls together…a perfect marriage.” But in the new commercial, the word “marriage” has been replaced by “perfume,” precisely in light of the couple’s new special status. We’re really just at the beginning of summer soap.

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