The three main challenges of future champions of female science

The three main challenges of future champions of female science

there to know as cross parity. Today at 12.30, in the main hall University Director FromLa Sapienza University of Rome, A farewell ceremony is scheduled. It is for the winners of #100 girls. The initiative implemented by the Romanian University awarded scholarships to female students. Registration for three-year courses. in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplinesturning off).to know

scientific orientation

It’s a boom of the students in Scientific Faculties. 54% of teens turn towards Tech topics. Save the Children report documents the record of girls who are passionate about it protect people’s health and the planet. As part of the project #100 girlsSapienza reported that 103 scholarships were awarded. for 3 years and worth 3255 euros per year. Dedicated to resident girls Off-site. who graduated in the academic year 2020/2021. With a vote equals 100. and who do not have any other scholarship. Customizations taken into account I see and age standards. To be maintained in the first following years, criteria of merit are envisioned. related to the acquisition University credits (cfu) expected by the know

Access to scientific topics

“Access for girls and boys science and technology topics Crucial today for To advance our society. Gender equality, including in science, is critical to achieving goals2030 Agenda. Especially those related to health and well-being. Clean and accessible energy. Responsible consumption and production. combating the climate crisis”Raffaella Milano says:save the Children).to know

women’s presence

at the party in wisdom University President Antonella Pollimini will participate today. Together with the principals of the three interested colleges. Civil and Industrial Engineering. Information EngineeringInformation technology and statistics. Mathematical, physical and natural sciences. “The look given by the great hall full of girls Gives the idea of ​​the task the summary in strategic lines. They were also rejected in the “Gender Equality Plan” adopted by the university – stresses the university president Polymini-. This business represents a real opportunity. To enhance the presence of women In the scientific field. In order to reduce the gender differences in the strategic sector Which not only offers excellent career prospects. but it functional for growth From our country “adds know

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So more and more girls and boys are ready for it In the footsteps of researchers Who discovered the vaccines against Covid. It studies sustainable energy sources. In 2021, in Italy Undergraduate registrations There was an increase in the number of women enrolled in stem colleges (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics). According to Save the Children report, science and technology topics in school 54% of teens are passionate and curious. But they are still seen as unsuitable for them. Italy stands at 22% Of the girls who chose scientific courses out of the total number of enrolled students. While recording a special increase in recordings in Information technology and information and communication technology (+ 15.74%). Girls still view science subjects as “Not very suitablethem. Although they fascinate and interest 54% of teens in school. According to another Research conducted by Ipsos to save the children.


Save the Children stresses the need to encourage Girls’ participation in the scientific world. Because it would be the first step in recognizing the role of women and girls in science. Not only as beneficiaries. but also as agents of change in order to pursue sustainable development goals Foreseen in the 2030 Agenda. Girls in Italy are well aware of this. Who, in fact, believes that he can give Contribute even to the most important challenges that science will face in the next ten years. When, hopefully, the epidemic caused by spread of covid-19 It will be a distant memory. Among the three main challenges, the first isaging population (34% of teens think so). Followed by sustainable energy production (31%). Finally lower polluting emissions Transportation (27%).

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