Because science is getting close

Because science is getting close

Invisibility cloak: what science says about it

At least once we all imagined having an invisible cloak, which could get us out of trouble, for example, when we were young. But even as adults, the idea of ​​not appearing to the human eye is tempting to many. So the reasons can be the most varied, and over the years science has tried to provide a practical answer to this fantasy. However, only in the past few years It seems that science has reached its first real conclusion On the aforementioned question about the power of invisibility that you have always dreamed of.

A Canadian company project turns the situation around

Already in 2016 there was talk of the so-called invisibility cloak (in a wonderful world), capable of giving anyone who wears it the ability not to be seen by anyone, except, of course, himself. However, only 6 years ago, the idea ended in a stalemate: science believed that it was impossible for the laws of physics to allow the creation of a real invisibility cloak, and therefore this thing / garment should only be relegated to the realm of science fiction or a movie in the cinema.

However, something seems to have changed in 2019, thanks to a patent filed by a Canadian company with the name Hyperstealth . technology. This patent indicates that it is possible “Bend” the light around an object and then make it disappearAs mentioned wired. It is clear that the question of the so-called invisibility cloak, as well as the terrifying side of the imagination that each of us can imagine, can be useful in many other areas. Like, for example, the armed forces.

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