From white roofs to sun-reflecting clouds: scientific solutions to global warming

From white roofs to sun-reflecting clouds: scientific solutions to global warming

Scientists around the world are studying ways to keep global warming at bay in anticipation of saying goodbye to fossil fuels forever. Here are some solutions offered by science

to fight Global Warming First of all, you need to cut a file climate change emissions related to use Fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal.

But scientists around the world are working on complementary solutions that can help humanity in the fight against it weather changes.

Solutions range from the most advanced technological innovations to methods known and used for centuries.

Bill Gates suggestion: “Let’s stamp the sun”

In recent weeks, the news has made noise that the Biden administration is considering a hypothesis Partially blocking the sun to reduce the amount of heat reaching the Earth. It’s a solar geoengineering project called SCoPEx that sees one of the main backers Bill Gates.

But how will that work? Using a hot air balloon, scientists want to spray a solution made of water, gypsum, and sulfur particles into the atmosphere. This would create a cloud capable of reflecting much of the sunlight.

Harvard University, among others, is studying the advantages and weaknesses of this technology. But meanwhile, the most accessible solutions come from Catalonia.

From Catalonia propose white roofs

Scientists from the Autonomous University of Barcelona have submitted a proposal to local officials: Requiring all homeowners to paint their roofs white. In this way, a large part of the sun’s rays are reflected and the city’s temperature decreases. According to scientists, this would be enough to lower temperatures even 4.7 degrees during heat waves.

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