“The soul is important, with this audience we can do everything”

“The soul is important, with this audience we can do everything”

there Jiffy basket Napoli Back to win, at home, against Toast against 79-69. Finally, the Neapolitans, after a period of brilliance, returned to their homeland victory Very important for the end of the season. Coach Maurizio Buscagliaat a press conference, commented on today’s victory.

“The Soul It is important, that we try to stay there, until the end and today we are slowly growing up. We played better in defense, closed the area well and shot the rebounds against a physical team. We tried to close as much as possible with 16 pips by 13 pips. Progress in the game is very important to us. We are allowed to enter transition. I’m glad I went through a very long course, visit me He started off the bench and then came in, he was always ready.”

“I tell you guys it’s one game. You have to work on things that have gone well, to take it with you. Great game from Zerini, a game Jason From great maturity, as well as at the end Vitaly, who handled the attack well, in a timely manner. We’ve all been about this business Gardens He did it with incredible force throughout the 40 minutes. It was called 4 but they were all very important.”

“We were all wrong, I saw the block, but in the end we went 0-0 at our house. We fought against a team fighting for that goal, God forbid they can’t live those moments here. It shouldn’t become a sin, it should become expertise. Otherwise, we are making an even bigger mistake. In my opinion, the boys interpreted this well.”

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Team improvements

“In my opinion we did a step Compared to the first game. However, we had intensity, as in the first, where we made some other mistakes. The good thing is that you have seen a small step in keeping all the property to the best of our abilities, including bugs etc. We are analyzing the win so we are a little happier. We must definitely evaluate the move that has been made.”

“I don’t want to throw away the potential of the team, we have some good potential EngineeringWe recorded many. There are times we run more, and times we run less. The days when the transition goes best. There are also times when you have to work in the middle of the field, in order to attack not only far, but also wide. Those who played in the penalty area today, big and small, did well. We did a good job on the low job, not just the long one.”

“At the beginning of the match we wanted to force them to do that Various signsAnd it turns out well. In this case, Jason worked with a lot of intelligence.”

crowd support

“I want to emphasize a very important aspect: both times we had difficulties at the beginning, because they were good at putting space. We called up two times to work, put in a good performance and a good defense. Those things matter, in 50 seconds we gave two chances to go back and stay cool. A team can do it in front of an arena like this, in this arena General. Let’s play with motivation here.”

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