Live accident, Jerry Scotty is speechless

Live accident, Jerry Scotty is speechless

An accident during the last episode of View logs program conducted by Jerry Scotty Broadcasting on Canale 5.

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The program requires competitors to try to set new records or try to beat existing records. Records are evaluated and confirmed by judges Guinness world record Which, for the eighth edition of the show, is Lorenzo Feltri And the Sophia Grenaker.

Marco Frigati The historical face of the program, and will work in connection from the headquarters London. His job is to tell us about some of the first things of its kind in the world that are documented by exclusive clips of Guinness world record.

The first six versions of the record were broadcast Channel 5 From January 7, 2006 to April 6, 2015. Seventh edition entitled Night of Records It was broadcast on TV 8 From November 25 to December 23, 2018.

Season 8 is back on the air Channel 5. The first two versions of the format were made by Barbara Dorso, While Paula Perego He was on top of the third.

Jerry Scotty She was the host of the fourth and sixth editions of the exhibition and is currently leading the eighth, while the fifth is led by Teo Mamukari and the seventh from Enrico Papi.

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Also during this evening’s episode, we will be watching the extraordinary performances of the competitors who will be put to tough tests. The goal of the participants is to achieve a record that allows them to become a part of Guinness world record from this year.

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Record holders will lead in Studio 11 in Kolonou Monzee, While the tightrope walking and car racing speed tests will be conducted in Monza race track.

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Every episode Standard width The guest athlete is expected to attend this evening in the studio Amoris Perez. Jerry Scotty He will give an interview to the Cuban water polo coach, ask him questions about his career and life.

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Finally, the hero will face a very strange and funny test, whose nature will be revealed live tonight. We will also see the records that will identify the competitors involved in the program produced by RTI and take out Roberto Sensi.

View logs: live accident

During the last episode of View logs French competitor Pierre Boyarette Try to break the record associated with the shortest time to climb a tree twice by changing the position of the axle.

While testing it, transalpine had a problem. A small accident related to a bad position of the axle and for this he had to go down, only to get back up but due to this problem he was not able to break the record.

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