The Theater Without a Theater Festival will celebrate its eighth edition this weekend in Ruby

The Theater Without a Theater Festival will celebrate its eighth edition this weekend in Ruby

The eighth edition of the Theater Without Theater Festival will be held this weekend in the city. During the days May 31, June 1 and 2, you can watch dozens of shows, which… They will be performed in spaces not specifically designed for theatrical activity. This will be done with a purpose Giving visibility to culture and reaching new audiences. This year, the festival’s stages will include Piazza Dr. Guardet, Ateneo, Siler, Piazza Salvador Allende, La Sala Municipal Theater – in the form of a small Inter Pamboline – and the railway depots of the General State of Catalonia (FGM).

Theater Without Theater organized by the City Council with the support of La Tal He suggests script theatre, circus and pantomime. Scheduled offers It is suitable for all audiences – Although some are recommended at a certain age – And free accesswith only two exceptions: the two productions that will be shown at the Teatre Municipal La Sala and will have a symbolic price of 5 euros.

City Mayor Ana María Martinez Martinez highlighted the success of the festival “He has an excellent reception among the audiencewith arenas and grounds filled with spectators eager to see this varied program of performances.” He referred to the event as An ideal way to bring theater closer to the general public, With a high-quality program that is exceptionally displayed on the street.

As well as Cultural Promotion and Revitalization Advisor, Moises Rodriguez Canton, Highlight the high level of scheduled performances: “Year after year, the program has become very high quality Brings together famous companieswho have received international awards and recognitions, Ruby companies also have quality“, which brings a local flair to this theatrical weekend.” The mayor added that “At this festival, we love theater without even knowing it“It’s an honor for me.”

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One of the festival’s programmers and founding member of La Tal, Jordi Magdaleno Upped the ante for an event that already has eight copies: “It’s growing in terms of audience and programmes, The audience response is amazing year after year. Ruby is a people who always take to the streets and we have seen that for some time “We needed to hold a theater festival in the streets of the city.”.

Dozens of offers

The festival will kick off on Friday 31 May with La Tal’s regular traveling show Les pompiers, which He will tour the pedestrian island daily from 5.30pm To invite the public to enjoy the event.

The opening of Teatre sen Teatre will serve as the protagonist of another Rubin company, Vuit Temps, who will present traveling show El Teatre, comes to the arena from 6pm in Pearson Square. That same night, at 10pm, at Plaça del Doctor Guardiet She will host NüShu, a show with female acrobats Who sew, dance, laugh and climb at Capicua’s expense.

Saturday, June 1, at 6 p.m., Teatre Municipal La Sala will present a solo show from the company Roi Borrallas, which Explores the life of a clown outside the stage. The production deserved the 2022 Zirkolika Award for Best Clown Show and the 2022 Feten Award for Best Actor.

The festival will also be held that day on the grounds of the Republican Democratic Center From Dr. Guardet Square, thanks to the collaboration with Francesc Alojas Cultural Space. At 7.15pm, the BOBAS Charity Band will perform Grave Acts, in which three musicians turn a dramatic situation into incidental comedy. This clown display is from Gemina Cavaletti It won the 2024 Feten Award for Best Street Show and the 2023 Umore Azoka Leioa Award for Best Show from the Rest of the World.

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At 8:30 p.m., Dr. Guardiette Square will be the stage for Gregarious, from Soon Circus, for the Audience Award at the Mostra d’Igualada 2022 and the Best Audience Choice Show award at Stora Teatern Gothenburg 2020. Acrobatic and comedic performances inspired by sports.

The festival continues on Sunday, June 2, with two morning sessions in Limes (La Frontera). From local company La Càmara Teatre-Rubí. This is the proposal that addresses Experience Republican exile from a very special place: a historic train transport Located in the railway depots of Generalitat de Catalunya. The rally will take place at 12:00pm and 1:00pm, due to its limited capacity, you will need to book tickets in advance.

There will also be two functions of the T’estimo proposal, from Espargo by Rubin. This show, based on the album of the same name with texts by Helene Delforge and illustrations by Quentin Grebben, can be seen at 5.30pm and 7pm at the Ateneo Municipal. In this case, you will also need to book an invitation due to space limitations.

At 5:30 p.m., La Sala Municipal Theater will host Entrañas from El Patio Teatro Company. The work, winner of the 2024 Feten Award for Best Original Idea and the 2023 Lleida Puppet Fair Award for Best Design, sticks its head inside the human body to try to explain what we carry inside.

The festival will continue at the Celler with Mundo Costrini’s Crazy Mozarts, A highly original concert where nothing is as it seems, a symphony of gags and absurd situationsIn which the public will be a partner and participant.

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The program will conclude at Plaza Salvador Allende with Bowie, from the company D’esTró. This offer what It combines circus arts with Baldovan and Mediterranean rootswas the winner of the 2022 Panorama Circada Award, the 2022 Lleida Puppet Fair Golden Dragon Award for Best Street Show, the 2022 TAC Award for Best Interpretation, and the 2021 ATAPIB Special Award.

Director of the Municipal Theater of La Sala and co-programmer of the festival, Ángel Miguel Castejon, He insisted on the quality of this program and the participation of Robin artists: “We thank the local companies that, year after year or another, have added to the program and agreed to present their shows in completely unconventional places.”

Aside from all these picturesque proposals, The Teatre sen Teatre program will once again include two parallel activities organized by local libraries. Readers on the train! Espai de Llibres organizes the Aurora Bertrana hanging party on Friday, May 31 at 7 p.m., with Olga Circos and Miquel Martín y Serra. In addition, El Racó del Llibre is hosting a book screening of Vida de Teresina, the authorized biography of the Teresinas, with authors Jordi Milan and Pol Vinyes from La Cubana on Saturday, June 1 at 12 noon.

Buy tickets

Solo, Limes (La frontera), Entrañas and T’estimo are the only shows you’ll need to buy a ticket for due to limited capacity. In the case of Limes (La Frontera) and T’estimo, access will be free, and for the two works to be performed in La Sala, the price will be only 5 euros. The sites are now available online.

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