“Golf”: Empowering five women in their fifties

“Golf”: Empowering five women in their fifties

“Golf”: Empowering five women in their fiftiesEdward Vega

There are times in life when everything comes together and then flows. Or as Montse Segun says, this whole thing is sometimes “witchcrafted.” Like a play Golf courses. Imagine now Five fifty-year-old women carrying a vital backpack on their backs become squatters in the old attic of a building about to be demolished. A decision that will lead them to “change not only the direction of the building, but the direction of their lives,” as Manresana explained todayAngels Fustiauthor Golf coursesthe play Winner of the Galliner Prize for Playwrights, It was awarded in the latest edition of Lacitania, last November. Script by Fusté based on an original idea shared with him Montse Segun, Montse Sala, Silvia Sunyol and Rosalia Jiménez All five will perform (in two functions) on March 3, at the Sala Petita del Kursaal, under the direction of Jordi Jenner. It will be Fausté's first theatrical text to “take the stage”.

The five actresses and ideologies Golf courses They've been stepping onto stages for years. They met 9 years ago at MTM (Manresa Theater Musical) and they “weave,” as Montse Segun noted, “an intense relationship above the stage but above all below.” The friendship that last summer led them to do so A special project that coincides with Fusti's desire to write. Everything fit. Explained text Fausti talks about “Empowering women at the age of fifty” She does so from the premise: “It is an era in which women have already made many decisions, some of which seem to limit the future… Or so we think because, in fact, “He has the right to be surprised, and surprise has no age.”. The future is unpredictable. Neither in real life nor in the play The key to comedy Who is not looking for an “easy laugh,” but rather a “sincere, thought-provoking” laugh. Laughing at oneself and “reflecting on one’s contradictions.” The goal of these five women was to bring him to the scene and for this reason they sought the complicity of the police Director Jordie Jenner, who they had trained with since September and who had known each other for many years when they were his students. And during this whole process, the Galliner Prize came about. Fosti decided to submit the text…and she won, the first woman in these five editions. Everything came together.

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And even more. Tickets for the first show went on sale last Saturday (18 hours) And in three hours they will sell out. The corsage will go on sale again this Tuesday, starting at 11 a.m. New post for March 3 at 12 noon. And if necessary, we will talk about a third, which was explained today by Joan Moros, President of El Galliner, in a presentation Golf coursesAccompanied by Jenner, Fausti, Jiménez and Segun, as well as Omnium President Pajis Moyanes, Silvia SanfelioThe entity that protects Lacitania. “The feeling that work generates”Expectations“This enthusiastic response from the audience, we must find in different factors, because the award given was 'a good speaker for the work,'” Fusti noted. The message: Empowerment is not just for women in their twenties, and there is a “need to say that and a need to Feeling it.” In short, They are the perfect example of the project, which was staged, as Jenner noted, “has the following element of theatre. It's about them and what they're doing, and it's at the moment of their lives, which is cathartic“. With autobiographical components and a comedic tone, which the director explains was appropriate “because she should not remain in the role but should go out on stage.” The success before the premiere of Thanks also reflects Fusté, in word of mouth: “We are five women with a personal circle And extensive professionalism has generated many accomplices.” The first, their manager. “This summer we have empowered ourselves,” Montse Segun commented in a montage. “People will feel very specific,” Rosalia Jiménez stressed. For Segun, especially women in their 50s but also men and young people. Surprise has no age or gender.

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Fusti concluded that the best prize of all was the possibility of bringing the text to the stage. He thanked the “support” he received, for example, to be able to exercise: from the ASD Resource Center of Central Catalonia to the Sardanista d’Entre el Bosque group; From MTM or Instituto Lacitania, where they are training now. at the moment, On March 3rd they will open with a double in Manresa And the March 8 brings Golf courses In Castelbel and Villar. Then you will see. It will flow.

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