“The Fidesz Effect”, highlighting blood donation

“The Fidesz Effect”, highlighting blood donation

barely 200 call requests on the regional Avis platform within 72 hours. Obviously, it is not a given that it will turn into regular registrations and donations, but from the point of view of interest in the topic, The “Fedez effect” was immediate. The rapper, who left the hospital on Friday, dedicated his first words of thanks after being admitted to the hospital to blood donors: “I will try to shed light on this issue,” he said. Without blood donors, I wouldn’t be here». It is a topic he returned to in the following hours with “stories” from his Instagram profile, which is followed by nearly 15 million people.

More interest in donating

Something moved:We have seen the interest of young peopleMany “follow” requests have arrived and the number of views on our social profiles has increased – says Al Avis Regional President, Oscar Bianchi from Bergamo -. “The spotlight is on more, and we needed it: the category between 18 and 35 years old is the one that suffers the most from donations, while the most active are those between 35 and 55 years old.” This attention, as Bianchi knows well, is just a first step: to understanding whether It would be translated into donations and to what extent, it would be necessary to wait a few weeks: «The collection is not instant. First, the suitability of the donor is checked. Blood is then collected only if the person is a good fit, and if that specific phenotype is needed at that moment». It was said that nearly 200 connection requests arrived at the regional platform within three days, and would be “sorted” to municipal departments. This “spotlight” created a new opportunity to connect with people who might have been difficult to intercept through other channels.

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The situation in the Bergamo region

For the Bergamo region, as of yesterday morning, there were about ten new applications on the regional website. “There has been no peak in phone bookings at the moment – adds the district president, Artemio Trapattoni – But the movement was also seen across social media, especially at the regional level. I think the results will arrive with time: in Bergamo, registration and donation are done only by appointment, not immediately.” Both Bianchi and Trapattoni highlight the importance of making donations regular: “Avis is based on stability – says the regional president -. Being a donor is not a “wrong” thing: it is a choice that involves a healthy lifestyle and self-care.In Italy there are 1,800 people who need to donate blood every day.

In the Bergamo region, the number of donors is close to 37,000, and our province ranks second in Lombardy after Milan, with a number of about 50,000. Last year there were approximately 62,000 donations, including whole blood collection and plasma or platelet apheresis. “Like all associations, ours is also getting older,” Trapattoni adds. We hope that this interest will help us make progress among young people.” Avis orobica has been working for some time to engage new generations, from meetings in schools to the laboratory created last spring in cooperation with “Officine Tantemani”, which has led to the production of bags and bottles Water and t-shirts.

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