Confess the choice only today

Confess the choice only today

Francesco Oppini participated in the fifth edition of the Big Brother Vip. After the reality show, Alba Paretti’s son got a lot of appearances. But recently, Aubney revealed an unprecedented background to his past that no one knew about…

Francesco Obigni In 2020, I participated in the fifth edition of Big Brother VIP. Alba Paretti’s son had the opportunity to introduce and appreciate himself during his tenure road.

At home he was very attached to him Tommaso Zorziwho was born with him, despite the misunderstanding, is wonderful friendship, Which between the ups and downs are still in place today.

After the Big Brother Vip, Francesco is back for work in World sports commentarybut in this particular regard he wanted to clarify:

Sports commentator? Yes, but this Hobby. I’ve been left out a little bit of TV talk. I play Direct Stadium but I’m a very normal person merchant the cars.

Speaking of his career, Obinny made one as well An unexpected revelation Which left everyone speechless…

Francesco Ubini: Revelations on La Fattoria

Francesco Ubini broke: The decision was only admitted today

Many wonder why Francesco Obigni He decided to participate in the reality show in 2004 farm. The answer came itself with a shocking announcement:

Yes, I did it for a very simple reason. In 2004 I needed that money, Like a lot of young people. I did it for a letter economic Simply for it.

Francesco Ubini revealed without hesitation that at that time he decided to participate in the reality show just for the sake of Economic reasons And not so much to test yourself in the program. An answer that left everyone speechless; No one actually expected that son Parity need money.

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After it was revealed, many wondered if the proposal came from Big Brother VIP 5 Only appearance has been evaluated economic. What do you think of that?

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