“From today we change our name” – Libero Quotidiano

“From today we change our name” – Libero Quotidiano

Milo Infante It’s anger. his program2 mToday was broadcast late. A delay that the presenter who was electrocuted at the opening of the episode did not immediately catch up with those ahead of him on the schedule: “Good morning and a good start to the week, welcome back with info from Ore14 which from today it is officially called Ore 14 e around 2 o’clock :07 p.m. And it was delayed because of the programs that preceded us.”

The outburst did not go unnoticed. Then the connector welcomed a new network software that has a connector that can really make a difference in sharing: Fiorello Rosary. “Today our network received the new show that brought smiles to the homes of Italians,” said Infante. Then during the episode, the conductor moved the discussion around the news with Monica Sitta, Roberta Brozzoni, and Monica Liofredi. But as the episode drew to a close, Infante wanted to make a clarification that stunned the audience: “I have to close because we’re trying not to overdo it.” In short, the “Overrun War” teases Ray Dio’s afternoon and it looks like this won’t be the last duel…

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