They reported a shortage in Girona pharmacies’ supply of children’s vaccine against rotavirus

They reported a shortage in Girona pharmacies’ supply of children’s vaccine against rotavirus

the Pharmacies in Girona he Reported there is no new drug On your shelves: Rootateqa Rotavirus vaccine in childhood. This is in addition to the list of medicines that suffer from supply problems, which was prepared by the AuthoritySpanish Medicines and Health Products Agency (AEMPS), which currently consists of more than 865 drug applications.

Rotateq is a vaccine designed to prevent rotavirus, one of the main causes of rheumatic disease Acute gastroenteritis in infants and young children. This can cause disease Debilitating bouts of diarrhea, vomiting, fever and dehydration.

The vaccine works by stimulating the body’s immune system so that it can recognize the virus and fight it effectively. Rotateq is given in multiple doses during the first months of life and is intended to prevent admission in case of acute elevation.

Until four months ago, the inclusion of this rotavirus vaccine in the Spanish vaccination schedule was limited, being offered only in some autonomous communities such as Castile and León and Galicia. However, the Public Health Committee of the National Health System (SNS) made a decisionExpanding its scope at the national levelIn recognition of its importance in protecting children’s health, at the request of the Spanish Pediatric Association.

In this sense, the tool for searching for medicine is absent LUDA Partner Pharmacy Network Hectare More than 700 inquiries about this vaccine were recorded in just 20 daysThis represents a significant increase compared to the entire previous year when it was only implemented 18 searches. Despite these efforts, AEMPS appreciates that Rotateq’s consolidated offering It may take up to two months to resetWhich poses a challenge for parents looking for it.

However, the same pharmaceutical agency announced the existence of an alternative to Rotamate called Rotarixfrom lower prices and that It only works against one type of rotavirus (Compared to the first five).

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LUDA network member pharmacies also confirm that Rotarix has seen a slight increase in searches through its tool, although it has not yet reached alarming levels.

This circumstance underscores the importance of this new pharmaceutical service, which avoids the pilgrimage of patients between pharmacies, allowing specialists to indicate to the patient, in real time, the nearest pharmacy that contains the product he needs.

Bexsero, the pediatric vaccine that has been missing for years

This latest shortage is reminiscent of what already happened with Bexsero in 2016, another pediatric vaccine that immunizes children against meningococcal B. In this case, shortly after it was included in the NHS vaccination schedule, it began to present supply problems. In pharmacies across the country. .

The high demand could not be met, and the GSK laboratory confirmed that manufacturing Bexsero is a “complex and lengthy process that takes about nine months.”

This fact has created long waiting lists of thousands of people looking for the vaccine, because, as the media gathered, “the doses arrived by the dropper.” This situation was not resolved quickly, but continued for two years.

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