The Sant Joan de Déu Hospital performs an unprecedented operation on Sarah, a girl whose roots go back to Reus

The Sant Joan de Déu Hospital performs an unprecedented operation on Sarah, a girl whose roots go back to Reus

to'Sant Joan de Diu Hospital Today, Monday, April 15, FC Barcelona announced an unprecedented operation they carried out, in May 2023, to extract… needle From the dentist brain From a girl 4 years. This teacher, is very complex Antecedents of feelingIt was performed by doctors Josep Rubio, pediatric maxillofacial surgeon, and José Hinojosa, pediatric neurosurgeon.

It all started with one person's consultation dentistWhere they went to treat a cavity SarahDaughter of a journalist from Reus Montse Lusa And also a journalist Joseph Maria Buñol. When administeredto drug In the case of the minor, the needle was stuck in the gum, and “due to the swallowing and chewing movements, the needle may have migrated toward the gum.”inside the skull And even to the brain,” Hinojosa points out.

Initially, up to three dentists tried to extract the needle to no avail, and she was later taken by ambulance to hospital Plugs From Llobregat and a year later,practical It has results successful And Sarah is recovering Without consequences Cerebral or nervous. From the hospital, they hope that the girl will be able to live a completely normal life from now on.

Despite the complex operation, the girl's development was favorable at all times. Photo: La Vanguardia

Unusual intervention

It was not limited to a period of time to intervene A surgery – six hours – they perform abnormalThis was never done, as the needle was inserted through one of the small holes in the a base Subordinate SkullThrough which nerves and arteries circulate, they end up in the brain, underneath Right temporal lobe.

The pro team made one Small incision On the right side of the girl's head so you can extract the body. Using a Hybrid operating roomwhich allows angiography and angiography to be performed NeuronavigationDoctors located the needle where they expected and were able to extract it without causing any damage to the little girl's brain.

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despite of Danger And the precise process, it was evolution suitable During the week of admission the recovery continued Without consequencesAs confirmed by the same doctors last January.

The parents' anxiety began when the dentist's anesthesia injection disappeared. Photo: Telesenko

The case as well exceptional It was presented at the Congress of the Spanish Society of Scientific Neurosurgery, held last February in Baeza (Jaén) and the doctors plan to publish it in the journal Specialized magazine.

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