The other judicial node

The other judicial node

on judicial problems Donald Trump You are all well aware, or nearly so. But outside the United States There is little clarity about Joe Biden’s judicial troublesof his son’s crimes Fisher manHe is a businessman who uses his father’s name and role for years in his dealings. It is advisable to stay abreast of developments, because in the 2024 election campaign, judicial files will be used as political weapons by both sides.

The position of the president’s son jumped to the fore again last night when the Minister of Justice Merrick Garland Had to Give special powers to the magistrate with the hunterDavid Weiss granted him Special Counsel status. This decision is due to the fact that An attempted plea bargain that would have put an end to the investigation failed. Now Hunter Biden is likely to be charged. Investigations with him relate to tax crimes, possession of weapons and drugs, and illegal trade abroad.

I make a hypothesis: the following is not a call for equal spacing. I think that Donald Trump has committed an attack on American democracyIn two ways: when he tried to interfere with Biden’s election certification process in late 2020; And when it is in January 2021 He encouraged the extremists who set out to storm the Capitol. Everything Biden has done, in my opinion, does not reach this level of risk. But some Americans don’t think so. And this (almost) half of the nation has its reasons. The narrative that dominates the big media—the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC—and reaches out almost exclusively to the outsider, describes an epic clash between the good (Democrats) and the unsavory (Trumpian Republicans). This Manichaeism, which goes hand in hand with the sense of moral superiority of the American left, evokes the same divisiveness at the other extreme.

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Burisma scandal (Ukraine)

I have come to the facts. Unlike Trump, Biden will not be charged by any judge for any reason During the presidency he is protected by immunity. However, Republicans — the majority in the House of Representatives — are investigating against him, and could go so far as to open a measure isolation. They are doing so, no doubt, with electoral intent: convinced that Trump’s indictments are part of a judicial outrage, they want to respond with the same weapons. They are confident that they have strong arguments for doing so. One of the most serious allegations of corruption. Biden, when he was Barack Obama’s vice president, was allegedly corrupted by the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, on whose board his son Biden sits.. The purpose of the corruption: to persuade Joe to use the power of the Obama administration to put pressure on Kiev and eliminate the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin (who was thoroughly investigating Burisma). It should be noted that previous investigations show that these allegations of corruption are unfounded. But this will not prevent their use in the election campaign. After all, the so-called Russiagate on Trump also turned out to be a hoax, but the Democrats used it against him.

Tax problems and the “Indian banquet”

Another line of investigation promoted by Republicans concerned the tax crimes of the Hunter Biden: The president’s son recently negotiated a deal for those crimes, but the terms of the agreement were rejected by the judge because they were too generous. This sparked right-wing accusations that Hunter enjoyed preferential treatment from federal justice. Suspicions were corroborated by two officials from the Internal Revenue Service (the revenue agency), who reported that they had been pressured to cover up tax assessments on the president’s son.

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A father’s absolute loyalty to his son – who no matter how much you look at him is a scoundrel. Joe won’t do anything on the campaign trail. For example, the president’s decision to invite Hunter to the state dinner held on the occasion of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the White House was not very clever. As Hunter specializes in selling himself dearly (thanks to his last name) to foreign businessmen, his presence at that state dinner was particularly bad. Especially since it happened the day after the controversial plea bargain. As if all else weren’t enough, suspicions of a Chinese connection also weigh on Hunter.

Doubts are growing about the president’s integrity

All this will play out in an election campaign that promises to be a disgusting spectacle: mud against mud, court files against court files. Again, I don’t think the two are equivalent; But you can’t even pretend that Biden is clean. And from month to month the percentage of Americans who consider him dishonest continues to grow. In Europe, just read the New York Times and watch CNN alongside the Democrats; But in America, FoxNews is generous with scoops about Hunter Biden’s crimes, real or supposed, and the protections he enjoys.

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