The United States will temporarily close its embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

US Department of State announce That the United States will temporarily close its embassy in Ukraine in Kiev, and move part of it to Lviv, a city on the border with Poland, 300 kilometers west of Kiev. The ministry motivated the decision by citing the gradual increase of Russian military vehicles and soldiers along the border. Only part of the embassy staff will be transferred to Lviv.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken issued a statement saying, “We are temporarily relocating embassy operations […] Because of the speed with which Russia is amassing its military forces.” Many analysts and commentators believe that the next few days will be so Decisive To understand whether Russia will actually invade Ukraine. according to The Wall Street JournalThe State Department also ordered the destruction of the embassy’s computer systems and phone lines before it was closed.

“The diplomatic route remains an alternative if Russia decides to participate in good faith,” Blinken added. “We expect to return to the Kiev embassy as soon as conditions permit,” he added.

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