The divorce took place against their will due to the error of a prestigious British law firm

Little did he imagine Vardagh Law Office That a computer error in his office would lead to the dissolution of the marriage.

As they explain BBC I WatchmanLawyers at the prestigious British firm, headed by divorce singer Aisha Fardaj, used… The electronic portal for requesting a final divorce ruling For one spouse, but he accidentally clicked on the electronic record of another marriage.

Two days later, Mr. and Mrs. Williams were married for 21 years, They discovered that they were divorced by mistake.

The company immediately asked the Supreme Court to overturn the ruling, but it was too late.

he Judge Andrew MacFarlane, Rejection of the application: “The computer says no, you're divorced.”Noting that the system “at its usual speed now” granted the divorce after only 21 minutes.

Fired with a wrong click

The firm, which represents Ms Williams, argued that someone had simply “clicked the wrong button” and why If the divorce decree was issued wrongly, it should simply be annulled.

However, Judge Macfarlane rejected the wife's arguments, saying her lawyers were “authorised to act on her behalf, and the court is entitled to grant the application for final dissolution of the marriage.”

To make matters worse, the judge added that even if the judgment was voidable, there was “one judgment.” Strong political interest in respecting the firmness resulting from the final resolution of the divorce and maintain the status quo he established.”

he Prestigious buffet He has worked with important clients, from Qatari princes or Malaysian millionaires and business moguls to international footballers, celebrities and royalty.

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However, neither his reputation nor the argument that there must be “intent” on the part of the person getting the divorce helped him convince the judge to step back and allow this unwanted divorce to be annulled.

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