The Royal House does not allow Letizia to explain her betrayal of Jaime del Burgo publicly

The Royal House does not allow Letizia to explain her betrayal of Jaime del Burgo publicly

cheerful He is”“So sad” and overwhelmed. The Queen witnessed how her image declined due to her statements Jaime del Burgo. Internationally, they speak for themselves The alleged betrayal of Felipe With the lawyer to this day there is no evidence to prove Thelma Ortiz's previous words. However, there are many who They give him credibility. Experts in the Royal House say that the marriage has been interrupted since 2013, the year in which they went through the greatest crisis in their history, and now it is known that this will be because of this matter and not because of or because of the Noos case. From the actions of Juan Carlos. Asturia was portrayed as an adulterous woman. For some strange reason there is someone who wants to destroy Leonor and Sofia's mother. A smear campaign has begun. Jaime del Burgo awarded him Testimonial to Jaime Peñafiel for his latest bookBut it seems that the reporter only explained 1% and the lawyer felt the need to explain all the intimate relationships in his own words. In fact, there's nothing stopping him, as he has already announced that he intends to publish a book this year with his own publisher.

Letizia at the military parade

for now Royal House He did not confirm or deny this information. Although they go further than that, and the lawyer did not remain silent, no one uttered a single word on this subject. They prefer to remain silent and behave completely normally until the storm subsides. Everyone is against Letizia, and some believe that Juan Carlos will be behind this smear campaign, or at least starting it. According to Pilar Aire, he was the one who would give the photos of his reunited family to “Hola” magazine. “This cover is devastating, and Letizia is having a tough time Behind her is the honorary campaign against her to cover up her barbarism with negative aspects of Letizia. Behind the king there are old groups of powerful royalists, who were all at Abu Dhabi’s birthday.”

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Letizia would like to provide clarification about the alleged infidelity

“at this time No one doubts the validity of this information. There is a climate of blackmail and constant tension. They stopped me in the street and said: “Pilar, you have to explain what is happening, what is happening?”… There is an unwritten slogan of trying to protect Letizia. But I think Letizia's honest dialogue in the face of reality…would be a smart one facing the cameras, She's the one who has a lot of ease, he says Because look, yes, I had that moment of weakness, This has happened, the king and I have forgotten it, we have overcome it and we will try to pull the carriage,” he continues, speaking about Jaime del Burgo’s statements.

Reina Letizia and Princess Leonor J. Teresa

According to Pilar Aire, Letizia would like to apologize and provide clarifications about this matter to put an end to it once and for all, but the Royal House did not allow him to take this step. “I think she would be supportive, and want to do it. But I'm sure that royal house, That there are these grey-robed gentlemen pulling the strings who live in the nineteenth century tell him “No, no, no, don't even think about it.”For her, the marriage is completely broken and they can announce their divorce this year.

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