Funeral of Lina Wertmüller December 11, 2021 in Rome, funeral room in Campidoglio December 10, 2021

funeral home for Lena Wertmoller, the great director who died today in Rome, will be exhibited at Campidoglio. The Mayor of Rome announced it on Twitter, Roberto Gualtieri: “With Lina Wertmüller goes the legend of Italian cinema, the brilliant director who made films full of irony and wit, the first woman nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director. Rome will finally bid her farewell by setting up a funeral home in the Capitol.” pecca

funeral parlour It will be open in the Protomoteca Auditorium from 10am to 8pm. The entrance, from the Vignola staircase, will allow those with a green corridor and in accordance with the current legislation on measures related to contrast and containment of the spread of the Corona virus. The funeral service will take place on Saturday 11 December at 11:30 in the Artists’ Church in Rome.

Many comments from those who appreciated the director. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, expressed his condolences to “the highly skilled director and thinker, who, through her distinguished film career, has given life to unforgettable films and characters.” We read in a note from Quirinale. And the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, adds: “Italy mourns the death of Lina Wertmoeller, a director who, with her unique and unmistakable style, left a lasting mark in cinema and in the world. The first female director to be nominated for an Academy Award.” Pasqualino Settebellezze in 1977, Academy Award for Achievement For the life of 2020, she has had a long and intense career, delivering work that each of us will forever be associated with. Thank you, Lina.”

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“A painful tribute to Lena Wertmüller, a cinematic and civic genius”, Anniversary of the National Association of Supporters of Italy. “When Pasolini, or Scola, or Monicelli, or Magni, or Proietti, or Falqui, or Lina leave, you feel sorry and worry about the whole world that accompanies them. All their world they have created, for the betterment of life, and that from the next day we must try to preserve But, today, I do not weep for the teacher, the genie, who is gone. I suffer, I shall suffer with all the insurmountable emptiness you leave but I mourn a personal and intimate truth. I mourn the last representative of kin in the life I have lived thus far. , the last survivor of my past, even far away. I cry for the memories of the family you tied me to when I was a child I cry for my father’s sister. She didn’t like me to call her, but above all I cry for my aunt”, recalls the idea of ​​actor Massimo Wertmoeller, on Facebook, Aunt Lina.

“Italy – he adds – has recently lost the basic references. Owners of quality, best, intelligence, art and culture. And we know how much culture can serve today, because it is still the only means of growth and development, for the liberation of the self and the intelligentsia, precisely as the carrier of thought and culture. What How useful they are in this unfortunate country, the country of the Beaux-Arts and the Renaissance, where many Italians are instead distracted, and are already drawn to the shopping center, or the story of Big Brother, or from poignant words that do not give a cinematic masterpiece.”

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