Report l Influenza infection doubles within a week

Report l Influenza infection doubles within a week

The Trias y Pujol German Hospital in Badalona is once again experiencing a tense situation due to an accumulation of influenza and Covid-19 cases. Infections caused by respiratory viruses continue to rise from week to week, and are already affecting a total of nine citizens per 1,000 inhabitants, with a total of 70,961 registered cases.

The hospital confirms that it has the ability to deal with an epidemic phase like the one we are experiencing, but they realize that the influenza season this year is strong. Over the past week, German Trias Hospital treated an average of 100 emergency cases per day related to respiratory diseases.

Health workers rallied on Wednesday in Badalona to demand better working conditions. From Diari de Badalona we were able to speak to several emergency specialists who assured us that “the situation in the hospital is stressful. We were already collapsing as usual, and now, with the increase in influenza and Covid cases, it has become unsustainable.”

Badalona follows a trend in Catalonia: the high growth of respiratory infections

Data from the latest SIVI weekly update in Catalonia indicate a continued upward trend of the influenza epidemic wave. There has also been an increase in hospital admissions due to COVID-19, and on the other hand, the number of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has decreased.

Badalona Welfare Services (BSA) confirmed that this trend observed by the Ministry of Health also exists in Badalona. Although they consider this scenario similar to what has happened in other years, they are aware of this increase in the influenza virus. In addition, they urge you to follow usual precautions to avoid infection.

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In Catalonia, influenza remains the most prevalent virus and transmission continues to rise (45.2%), followed by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) (15.8%), which continues to decline, and SARS-COV2, which remains stable (4.8%). Regarding Covid-19, the number of people admitted is rising. Currently, there are 720 people admitted to traditional beds, 176 more than the previous week, and 24 people admitted to the intensive care unit, 11 more than the previous week.

Lack of vaccination, one of the keys

According to experts, the lack of influenza vaccination is one of the keys to understanding the lack of control compared to previous years. Some voices within epidemiologists missed the fact that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health issued collective calls for vaccination. Other sources blame population shortages.

Last week, in full swing, it was noted that there was an increase in vaccination requests. According to health figures, coronavirus vaccine coverage is 59% for those over 80 years old and 45% for those aged 70-79 years. Influenza coverage in these two groups is 66% and 53%, respectively. These numbers are insufficient in both cases, according to health authorities.

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